Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wilson Staff 2017 Triton Driver Preview: A Technological Marvel

I'm not a big fan of reality television.  But I have to say Wilson Golf really knocked it out of the park with Driver v Driver. 

The program was immensely entertaining, sometimes out-and-out hysterical, and above all, uncommonly revealing into what went into the design and development of Wilson's newest driver, the Triton.  (If you missed it the first run, I strongly recommend watching reruns on Golf Channel). 


The name Triton was chosen because it represents power, speed, and strength.  Triton also happens to be the name of a mythological Greek god.  And I'm not joking, if it winds up being even half as good as it looked during Driver v Driver (some guys looked like they were launching surface to air missiles off the tee with Triton), it's going to have a place in the Wilson pantheon of the best clubs Wilson's EVER made.