Friday, December 15, 2017

Titleist Pro V1 Ball Review - PGAPappas 12 Days of Christmas DAY 2 Giveaway

Telling you the Titleist ProV1 is a great ball is like telling you the New England Patriots are a great football team.  Everyone knows that.  What you might not know about the 2017 Pro V1 however, is that it’s likely to meet or exceed every expectation you have for a golf ball.  This season, it did for me. 


I joked with friends that Titleist must be controlling my ball with some kind of NASA satellite because shot after shot after shot, the Pro V1’s performance was sensationally exact, particularly 100 yards and in.  It’s softer feeling than the Pro V1x and provided greater stopping power, even when greens were firm and fast.  On long pitches and full swings that translated to remarkable distance control, allowing me to be as aggressive as I wanted attacking pins. 

From greenside bunkers and on shorter chips, I was confident just picking targets on the green and trusting the Pro V1 to do the rest.  Inside 50 yards and on half swings, the Pro V1 checked up better than any other ball I played all year.  You’re not impacting the core as much as you are the cover on shorter shots, and my own eyes led me to conclude the new laser etched, tiled dimple design is more than just marketing hype. 


The Pro V1 is also retooled with a new core called the “Next Generation 2.0 ZG Process Core.”  I wasn’t able to compare the 2017 version to previous generations of Pro V1 balls, but I did see noticeably lower ball flight tendencies and more roll out off the tee with the Pro V1 compared to the Pro V1x.  Ball flight was only marginally lower with my long irons.  If your natural tendency is to hit the ball high, Pro V1 will definitely generate a more piercing ball flight with less spin. 

Compared to other balls in the same class, the Pro V1s are more expensive to be sure, but they hold up just as well or better with little scuffing and negligible discoloration. As the old expression goes, you get what you pay for. 


On many levels, the golf ball can be a little mysterious white sphere.  It often behaves like it has a mind of its own, and finding the right ball for your game can be especially difficult because it has to work with every club in your bag.  The Pro V1 removes all the guesswork for you, and delivers predictable performance gains that quite honestly, are difficult to match. 

Takes the pole position for distance control and spin in a premium golf ball 
Soft feel without sacrificing distance 

Pro V1x is a better option if you're already a low ball hitter 

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  1. Nothing better then a Pro V1’s changed the game

  2. Pro V's. Very nice!

  3. A win would be nice.
    I did lift my left foot, LOL.
    And I am totally against Bifurcation, the longer the better.

  4. This would be so awesome! Balls are something I constantly need to replenish, I suspect I would not lose these so easily

  5. Thanks For the awesome giveaways Pete!

  6. Yes, more ProV1X balls to keep my game consistent!

  7. Would it be wrong to say Merry Christmas to me if I won the Pro-V1x? They are hard to share! :)

  8. Great gift idea. Who wouldn't want a dozen of these Titleists.

  9. Pete

    These would compliment my game perfectly!


  10. Everyone needs balls for Christmas.

  11. This would be great!!
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  12. Great review Pete. Merry Christmas!⛳🎅🎄

  13. Titleist is the way to go . . . thanks again!!

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  15. Pro v1s!!!! These are like gold.

    Thanks, Steven Tate

  16. Awesome gift. Fingers crossed!

  17. Those Titleist balls and cap would match up well with my AP1 16 irons! I'd be looking hawter than a two dollar pistol :o)

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  18. Fooooore, me hopefully!

    Bill K

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  19. Love me some ProV1 balls. Best in the business

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