Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Fast and Furious: Cobra KING F9 Speedback Driver Preview

Last year the Cobra Golf's KING F8 driver was all about accuracy with the first CNC milled face in a driver.  This year however, Cobra is all about distance.  And the new KING F9 Speedback drivers promise to launch high, spin low, and provide never before seen speeds from a Cobra driver. 


Cobra is calling the F9 the King of Speed, and the most aeroficient driver they've ever made.  Of course aeroficient isn't really a word, but they're using to to explain the blend of aerodynamics and transfer of energy in the F9 drivers.  Let's take a closer look at three of the key technologies in this driver that's scheduled for release in early January 2019. 

Monday, October 29, 2018

FIRST LOOK: Cobra Golf KING F9 Speedback Driver

Some big embargo dates are lifting tomorrow in the equipment world, but today we got a sneak peak of one of the new clubs coming in 2019.  The Cobra KING F9 Speedback driver appeared on the USGA's list of conforming driver heads earlier today, and there's plenty of information there to sort through if you can't wait until tomorrow to learn all about it. 


I've included a picture of the new Speedback driver, as well as similar views of the F8 and F8+ drivers so you can get a better ideal of what's coming, and more particularly, how the F9 Speedback will be different. 

Friday, October 26, 2018

Double Impact: FootJoy Tour-S Dual BOA Golf Shoes Preview

The new FootJoy Tour-S Dual BOA golf shoes are everything you've come to expect from the Tour-S, with the added adjustability and responsiveness of a double BOA system. 


You could just as easily call this a zonal BOA system because the two BOA dials tighten the upper area of the shoe separately from the instep and heel lock.  Although a double BOA system may seem complicated or arbitrary to some, the result is a precision fit like you've never experienced before.

White Heat: Ben Hogan Golf Ft. Worth WHITE Irons Preview

Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company has introduced a complimentary line of custom, hand-crafted forged irons that answer widespread golfer demand for a traditional nickel-chrome clubhead finish called the Ft. Worth WHITE Irons. 


These new blade-style irons join the popular Ft. Worth BLACK irons, one of Ben Hogan Golf's most successful product lines which featured a unique Diamond Black Metal (DBM) finish. 

Ricksy Business: Cobra Golf 2019 KING Forged CB & MB Irons Preview

Cobra Golf has announced a new line of players irons designed with the help on Rickie Fowler that promise buttery soft feel and unrivaled precision.  The new high performance KING Forged CB/MB progressive iron set utilizes a sleek design and tour-proven technologies that consistently deliver the workability and shot-shaping control needed to be competitive on course. 


The Forged CB/MB set flows from a forgiving players cavity-back (CB) shape in the 4-6 irons to a traditional muscle-back (MB) shape in the 7-PW, and is designed to deliver more playability compared to the full MB prototype set Fowler has in the bag. 

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Australian Amateur Golfer Sinks Two Holes In One in Same Round

Jim Grant has been golfing for about 15 years and carries a respectable 14 handicap.  But yesterday Grant admits he was just on the course with some friends to have some fun.  And Grant took fun to an entirely new level making not one, but two hole-in-ones in the same round. 


The odds of making two aces in the same session are 67 million-to-one.  Not quite the 1 in 292 million offs of winning the 1.5 billion Mega Millions lottery from a few nights ago, but still pretty crazy - all things considered.  Only three golfers have recorded two holes-in-one in the same round on the PGA Tour. 

Sunday, October 21, 2018

TaylorMade Golf Pulls Out of 2019 PGA Merchandise Show

TaylorMade Golf announced today it will not attend the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show, instead focusing on support for PGA professionals and other growth initiatives that CEO David Abeles believes will "create an even greater value for the game of golf." 


The last time a buzz-generating, anchor exhibitor pulled out of the Show (Nike Golf), it wasn’t long before they shut down their equipment business. 

Monday, October 15, 2018

Oakland Hills Country Club Play With Pete Invitational Giveaway

If you follow me on twitter and Instagram you know this weekend was the stuff of dreams come true.  I was out at historic Oakland Hills Country Club playing and reviewing the course, and on Sunday decided to surprise 3 players and invite them with me to play this hallowed ground.  Pretty sure that's never been done before, and the experience was as memorable as it gets. 


Some sent me their golfing resumes hoping to join, others were willing to hop on flights from Florida, California, and even another country to walk in the footsteps of Hogan, Palmer, Hagen and the biggest legends in golf.  Oakland Hills Country Club is a one of the greatest courses in the world and its history is unrivaled. 

Friday, September 14, 2018

Transforming Speed: Titleist TS2 and TS3 Driver Preview

The new Titleist TS2 and TS3 drivers are the result of Titleist's two-year mission to design greater speed into every detail of driver technology.  TS stands for Titleist Speed (although I've seen some call it Tour Speed), and you've already seen them in play on the PGA Tour.  I can tell you however, that TS could and "should" just as easily stand for "transforming speed," because these new drivers are going to blaze a trail with both better players and slower swing speed amateurs alike. 


The TS drivers and fairway woods won't be available to buy until later this month, but I went to a local demo day earlier this week and was absolutely blown away by the results.  I gained more carry and total yards with both TS models than a current driver I play from another OEM, and the improvements were supersonic compared to an older Titleist driver I still take out every once in awhile.