Thursday, March 15, 2018

New Golf Equipment Reviews: Callaway Rogue SZ Driver, Mitsubishi Diamana BF and RF Shafts, and More

I'm helping you get equipped with the right gear to improve your game this spring and have a smorgasbord of new equipment reviews right around the corner.  Most of my reviews are based on equipment and gear that I thought stood out as Best of Show during Demo Day at the PGA Show a few months ago. 


I'm taking everything on the course multiple times, and giving you some useful comparisons to help you decide what's right for you this year.  In the meantime, here are some pictures from the latest wave of new products I'll be reviewing: including the Callaway Golf Rogue SZ Driver with Aldila Synergy shaft, and the new generation Diamana shafts from Mitsubishi. 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

New Golf Equipment Reviews: Fujikura PRO 2.0 shafts, FootJoy Pro S/L and Tour S Shoes, Nikon Coolshot 80i VR Rangefinder, and More

Spring is almost here and that means it's almost new equipment review season.  I'm going to have tons of comprehensive reviews for you this year that you won't want to miss. 


New equipment from Callaway, Cobra, Piretti, Titleist, and Wilson to name a few.  New gear and apparel from CRU, J.Lindeberg, Mitsubishi Shafts, Travis Mathew, and more. 

SPOTTED: New Aldila Rogue 130 Platinum Proto Shafts

Testing begins this week for the new Aldila Rogue 130 Platinum Proto shafts at the Valspar Championship in Tampa.  There's not a lot of news about the shafts yet, but here's what I know so far, including some pictures to sink your teeth into and specs from Aldila's 2018 Catalogue


The 130 Platinum shafts are billed as mid launch, low spin shafts that will be even more stable than the previous generation.  That's largely because of the new 130 MSI material now being used. 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

2018 PGA Merchandise Show - Day 1 Recap Part 2 of 4: Devereux Golf, Under Armour Golf, Peter Millar, Stitch Golf, and New Balance

Attending the PGA Merchandise Show isn't a requirement to be a certifiable golf geek, but you haven't lived until you attend one.  It's basically a 72-hour non-stop high with crowds of golf enthusiasts large enough to fill 20 football fields.  Sleep is unlikely, fun is guaranteed, and checking out the anticipated new releases for the upcoming season is intense in the most fantastic way possible. 


In my PGA Show Day 1 Recap Part 1 I showed you new apparel from New Era, Polo Ralph Lauren, Sunice, Adidas, Galvin Green, and J.Lindeberg.  In this section we'll stay apparel-centric and take a look at new lines from Devereux, Under Armour, and Peter Millar, as well as new headcovers from Stitch and the latest golf shoes from New Balance. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

2018 PGA Merchandise Show - Day 1 Recap Part 1 of 4: Titleist Presentation, New Era Ryder Cup (New Era and Polo Ralph Lauren), Sunice, Adidas, Galvin Green, and J.Lindeberg

When the PGA Show moves indoors to the Orange County Convention Center prepare for an all-out assault on your entire being.  It's not quite a cell block riot, but you need to develop a sixth sense on how to get around, or you'll plunge into meltdown quickly. 

You're bombarded with overwhelming amounts of new equipment, new apparel, new gear and accessories.  Everything gets unleashed.  Every isle leads to something cool.  More than 1,000 companies and brands showing off their new merchandise in a 1 million square foot area bursting at the seams. 


Yes the Show is packed with big budget marketing and dripping with hype.  Yes there's a definite commercial flavor to it.  But as I wandered the floor for three days in search of magic and mystery, I learned that PGA Show 2018 also delivered some of the best new products I've seen in years.  If you're a certifiable golf nut, these are exciting times.  In this recap we take a look at new wares from New Era and Polo Ralph Lauren (2018 Ryder Cup uniforms), Sunice, Adidas, Galvin Green, and J.Lindeberg. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

2018 PGA Merchandise Show - Demo Day Recap Part 4 of 4: Cobra Golf, Cleveland Golf, and Vertical Groove Golf

As Demo Day starts drawing to a close I always wish it was a two day event.  Orange County Convention Center has spots indoor to hit new clubs as well, but it's nothing like the full circle, mammoth driving range at the Golf Center.  To hit all the new clubs I want to test, I have to take fewer pictures at this point because there's so little time left.  But I'll still have loads of pictures of clubs from this recap, as well as more pics from other Demo Day recaps you've already read coming up in my PGA Show recaps from the floor. 


In my Demo Day Recap Part 3 we took a look at new wares from FootJoy, Titleist, Miura, and Lynx Golf.  In this final Demo Day recap I'm covering new clubs from Cobra, Cleveland, and Vertical Groove.  When all my recaps and Best of Show are done, if you're interested in a particular company or club(s), head on over to the search bar and type in the name to see the multiple articles where I covered them throughout the week. 

Friday, February 2, 2018

2018 PGA Merchandise Show - Demo Day Recap Part 3 of 4: FootJoy, Titleist, Miura, and Lynx Golf

Halfway through Demo Day is a dangerous point for me.  Muscles are starting to ache and burn.  Orange County National Golf Center begins to look even more gargantuan knowing there are still numerous companies to cover.  The sun's beating down and I have to decide, "do I save the space in my backpack for much needed water, or for more gear to bring back for you?"  Maybe just a quick breather to recharge? 


But you know what happens.  It's breakneck from start to finish.  I put on my Bose earbuds, queue up Eminem "Till I Collapse," and forge ahead to more new equipment.  And forget the water.  In my Demo Day Recap Part 2 I went under the hood with new gear from Ping, Callaway, and Fujikura.  In Part 3 I'll show you the latest from FootJoy, Titleist, Miura, and Lynx Golf. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

2018 PGA Merchandise Show - Demo Day Recap Part 2 of 4: PING Golf, Callaway Golf, and Fujikura Golf

Demo Day feels a bit like the Gold Rush for me. Trekking around Orange County National Golf Center and hitting swarms of new clubs can be grueling for sure.  But when you discover those gold nuggets panning through the waters of new equipment, it's a glorious adrenaline rush. 


In my Demo Day Recap Part 1, I told you about new riches from Wilson Staff, TaylorMade Golf, and Mitsubishi Golf shafts.  Next up would be PING Golf, Callaway Golf, and Fujikura Golf shafts, and competition for my Best of Show winners started to really heat up.