Thursday, August 31, 2017

Titleist 718 AP1, AP2, and AP3 Irons Preview: Irons You'll Wish Were In Your Bag Right Now

I try to always be even-keel when I'm writing an equipment preview or review, but I have to throw that theme out the window this time.  Mark it down right now.  Titleist's new line of 718 irons irons are destined to be hugely successful and they're going to have a significant impact on the golf equipment landscape. 


Titleist is providing breakthrough technology and proven performance for players at every level of the game.  The new AP1 feature powerful distance and ultra-forgiveness of AP1.  The AP2 deliver tour-proven consistency. And the new AP3 are going to be absolutely insane.  Think of them as a combination of the AP1's distance and forgiveness along with the look and feel of the tour-favorite AP2s. 

Cleveland Golf TFi 2135 Satin Putters Preview: Perfecting Your Putting

The importance of putting cannot be overemphasized.  It's arguably the most important skill in your game.  Unfortunately it's often the most frustrating to master, too often leaving us weeping on the greens. 


Cleveland Golf understands putting is what separates the field, and their new TFi 2135 Satin putters promise to take the fright out of the flatstick and put you in a holing putts state of mind. 

Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons Preview: Easy To Love Shots Throughout Your Bag

Nothing beats the scenery of fall golf.  The season turns into a blur of reds, yellows, and oranges, and letting that beauty sink in makes playing an entire day out on the course something memorable. 


Cleveland Golf thinks that your game should be memorable as well.  And so next month they're releasing the new Launcher CBX irons, designed to make your game even more spectacular than the new autumn landscape. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Titleist Releasing New Scotty Cameron Futura 5.5M Putter

Scotty Cameron has added a high-MOI mallet with enhanced toe flow to his new Futura line of putters that combines the forgiveness of a mallet with the feel of a blade.  The Futura 5.5M features the alignment and high-MOI characteristics of the Futura line coupled with a neck configuration that promotes a flowing, arced putting stroke more commonly associated with blade style putters. 


The idea for the Futura 5.5M began as a prototype when Justin Thomas came to the Putter Studio looking for a new option.  Thomas wanted a smaller mallet that he could align easily, but one that also promoted the arced putting stroke he preferred.  Cameron welded a flare neck to a Futura X5 Tour putter and sent him on his way.  Thomas went on to win three events, reporting back that some of his buddies wanted a putter like his, and the wheels started turning from there. 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Cleveland Golf CBX Wedge Preview: A New Category of Wedge For Golfers Who Play Cavity Back Irons

Occam's razor is a problem solving principle that basically states the simplest answer is usually the best answer, and Cleveland Golf has designed a new category of wedges that might be the most obvious solution to the short game woes of a majority of golfers. 


The new CBX wedges are modeled to complement the address profile and swing weight of the most popular cavity back irons, and built to look, feel, and play like the game improvement irons used by 84-percent of the golf market. 

Srixon Launches New Q STAR Golf Ball - A Two-Piece Ball Delivering Performance And Playability

Two-piece golf balls are basically game improvement golf balls designed for players looking for maximum distance and reduced spin to keep those undesirable slices or hooks in check.  The problem with these types of balls however is they sacrifice spin control around the greens.  And what good is hitting it longer and straighter off the tee if you can't stick it closer on approach? 


SRIXON Golf understands the predicament this causes for too many golfers and they've announced the release of a new Q-STAR two-piece ball that promises both performance and playability. 

Cleveland Golf Announces Third Generation Smart Sole Wedges: Smart Sole 3 S and C

When the company that prides itself on being the finest wedge company in the world announces it's designed new clubs that promise to make your short game easier then ever, you stand up and take notice. 


Cleveland Golf has released the latest iteration of their popular Smart Sole line of clubs: the Smart Sole 3 S and Smart Sole 3 C wedges, and this new generation of wedges feature super game improvement technologies specifically designed for golfers who struggle with short game shots. 

Friday, June 30, 2017

Titleist Announces New 718 Irons: AP1 AP2 AP3 T-MB MB and CB

Is it wrong of me to be infatuated with the new Titleist 718 AP3 irons when they're only just in the seeding and validation process? I'm seriously not slobbering.  Okay I am slobbering.  That's right, Titleist is releasing AP3 series irons and word of mouth is they're the most forgiving AP iron Titleist has ever made. 


Titleist unveiled their new 718 series this week, including the AP1, AP2, and MB, T-MB, and CB irons, but hasn't provided a lot of detail about them yet.  Official launch is still months away, but here's what we do know. 

Fujikura Releases New ATMOS Tour Spec Hybrid And PRO+ Vista PRO Iron Shafts

Fujikura's new ATMOS HB Tour Spec is their newest collection of hybrid shafts that use the same design concept and technologies as the Tour proven ATMOS Tour Spec wood shafts.  These new hybrid shafts are geared towards the performance golfer. 


They have a smooth feeling profile and will promote low dispersion and generally low spin compared to our other hybrid offerings.  The ATMOS HB is a true tour flighted line of hybrid shafts with red as the lighter weight and higher launching, blue as the mid-weight and launch, and black as the heavier weight and lowest launch. 

Miura Golf Unveils New CB-2008 Irons: Preview

Miura Golf is betting it can turn average golfers into a good ones, and a good golfers into a great ones with the release of their new CB-2008 irons, touted as irons that will deliver real performance benefits to golfers of all abilities. 


The CB-2008 is a mid sized head that begins as a single billet of soft carbon steel.  It's the first composite body iron produced exclusively at Miura's Himeji, Japan factory, and technological advancements have enabled Miura to integrate a forged face that's just 4 mm thick with an SUS composite pocket cavity back. 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

117th US Open PGAPappas Giveaway: Signed Rickie Fowler Erin Hills Cap and Erin Hills Pin Flag

I'm at Erin Hills this week for the 117th U.S. Open and thrills and agony have been the story for the first two days.  Rickie Fowler tied a U.S. Open scoring record on Thursday, while Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, and Rory McIlroy were ravaged by the hostile fescue and missed the cut. 


Today on moving day however it's going to be all thrills for you as I've picked up a few things to bring home for my U.S. Open Giveaway, including an official U.S. Open Erin Hills pin flag, and a signed Rickie Fowler U.S. Open Erin Hills Tour cap. 

Oakley Launches One Obsession #CantStop - Featuring Bubba Watson

Bubba Watson is a polarizing athlete.  The two-time Masters winner is loved by many for his creativity and the passion he wears on his sleeve.  He's also hated by others for the very same reason.  This week during the U.S. Open Oakley is celebrating Watson's approach to the game with their "One Obsession #CantStop" campaign, a call to action we can all relate to. 


The common bond between a major champion like Bubba and amateur golfers like the rest of is that while we all want to win, and all aspire towards some level of perfection, the journey getting there is what it's all about.  We may all do things differently, we may all have different skill sets, but we share one obsession: to never stop pursuing our dreams, because never stopping is the power that fuels our driving passions and turns them into storied reality. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

PGAPappas PIN SEEKERS Podcast - Episode 3: U.S. Open Preview and Erin Hills Course Insight, Jon Rahm is a Teddy Bear with an Assassin's Mentality, Srixon's New Golf Balls are Contenders for Best New Balls of the Year, and The Memorial Recap

It's U.S. Open week and I'm breaking down everything you need to know about Erin Hills in my new PIN SEEKERS Podcast: Episode 3


In addition to previewing the U.S. Open, I'll let you know why I think Jon Rahm has a more complete game at 22-years old than Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy, and (gulp) even Tiger Woods.  No that's not a typo.  Rahm is a teddy bear with an assassin's mentality and he's always must watch tv

Sights from the U.S. Open at Erin Hills - Practice Round Wednesday

Recognizable and venerable courses will host the U.S. Open for the next nine years.  But starting tomorrow, the spotlight shines brightly on first-time host Erin Hills. 


With all the questions, uncertainty, and even early drama about Erin Hills, one thing is certain: the course is in absolutely perfect condition, and the players are ready to get things going. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sights from the U.S. Open at Erin Hills - Practice Round Tuesday

The excitement is building and you just get a sense something spectacular is going to happen this week at Erin Hills for the 117th playing of the U.S. Open. 


Jordan Spieth and Jon Rahm looked relaxed, Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler appeared confident.   The ultimate test in golf starts for real in less than 48 hours and the world's best players are in top form.  Here are some of the best pictures from Tuesday's practice round