Thursday, October 1, 2015

Exclusive First Look: 2016 Wilson FG Tour F5 Drivers Woods and Hybrids Hands-on Preview

I'm always reminded of poker when golf companies release new clubs. Sometimes companies make what I'd call a cool-headed raise, like a few refinements, for a little extra distance or forgiveness. 

Other times companies only make minor changes, not even improvements really, what I call a bluff, so the clubs can still be sold as new and improved. 

And sometimes, but not very often, companies go all in on their new release, confident that real technological progress has been made, and their new line-up is truly something special. 


Today, Wilson Golf announced the release of their new FG Tour F5 drivers, woods, and hybrids.  And I've seen enough of these clubs to tell you this much... Wilson just pushed their full stack forward with the release of the FG Tour F5 family.