Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Fujikura 2016 Speeder Evolution II Shafts Preview - Enter the Evolution

When you think of Bruce Lee, the greatest icon in martial arts history, what do you think of?  His astonishing power?  Ripped-to-the-bone muscle?  No one ever got tired of watching Lee launch bad guys through dojo walls, that's for sure. 


It's probably safe to assume you don't immediately think of golf shafts.  But maybe it's time you should.  Because the new 2016 Fujikura Speeder Evolution II just might be the Bruce Lee of all golf shafts. 

Featuring a stronger carbon fiber, leaner shaft geometry, and a more explosive kick than the original Evolution, the Evo II adapts what is useful, rejects what is not, and adds specifically what is Fujikura's own.

And if you're looking to become more lethal off the tee in 2016, the Evo II is definitely a shaft you want to check out

What's new in the Fujikura Speeder Evolution II? 

  • 90-Ton Carbon is a stronger, stiffer carbon than the 50-Ton Carbon used in the original Evolution, and delivers an immense amount of energy and increased velocity at impact. 
  • Metal Composite Technology (MCT) is employed below the grip area to maximize power on the downswing, to firm up the tip section for a stronger trajectory and reduced spin, and to soften areas of the shaft without losing any accuracy for better feel. 
  • Mid Kick-Point Design achieves more carry distance with optimal launch.

The Evo II is available in the familiar family of 757, 661, 569, and 474 versions.  The 757 features slightly lower weights and torques than the original, while the 661, 569, and 474 versions feature slightly higher weights and torques. 


I'm not going to say the Evo II will generate the same kind of damage Lee did with the fastest kicks the world has ever seen.  But with more horsepower than the original Evo, the Evo II should certainly translate to visible distance gains on the tee for many players.  

And aside from the minor inconvenience of having everyone you play with possibly despise you because of that, longer drives are always a good thing. 

Fujikura will officially reveal their entire 2016 line-up at the PGA Merchandise Show in January.  And I'll have everything you'll want to know on all their shafts when the PGA Show wraps up, as well a few reviews to let you know how they play. 


In the meantime enjoy these first look pictures and details.  And be sure to check out my live coverage from the PGA Show for even more information. 

You can find out about Fujikura's entire 2016 line-up of shafts by checking out Fujikura Golfand following them on twitter @FujikuraOnTour

And as always, if you have any questions, shoot me an email here, or DM on twitter @PGAPappas


  1. Nice review, Pete!! Love the Bruce Lee tie ins.

  2. Hello. So when will we see your review after the PGA show? Did I miss it??