Saturday, December 19, 2015

Leave Jason Day Alone Already

By now you've probably seen it so many times you're sick of seeing it.  But you should be even sicker of hearing about how Jason Day didn't protect his wife.

Day and his wife Ellie were sitting courtside at the Cavs game Thursday night against the Thunder, and LeBron James basically destroyed Ellie diving for a loose ball. 

Ellie left the arena on a stretcher, and was taken to a Cleveland hospital.  She is fine now, though she did suffer concussion like symptoms, and said it felt like she was "hit by a truck." 

But reactions on social media leveling responsibility on Day for Ellie's injuries reached epic proportions of absurdity.  The most ridiculous criticism coming from ESPN's Mike Golic, who admonished Day on The Mike & Mike Show, saying, "Make an effort to protect your wife!"

Really?  Make an effort to protect your wife?  Stereotypes of the wife needing protection aside, this wasn't someone trying to snatch Ellie's purse in a dark alley mugging, or even some inherently dangerous situation where Day should have been on DEFCON high alert. 

Maybe Golic is holding Day to a higher standard of anticipation, strength, and reflex?  The kind that allowed Golic to record a whopping 11.5 sacks playing defensive tackle in the NFL over nine seasons. 

Clearly, Day should have summoned his Spidey Sense and tackled the 260-pound, four-time NBA MVP before he trucked Ellie.  Or at least shielded Ellie from the barreling LeBron, forget about having two adult men in this situation crushing you against the floor instead of one.  Bottom line is Day had a good second to react to this, and he failed as a husband (sarcastic font). 


It's just time to leave Jason Day alone already.  And for some people, to even offer an apology.  If you could have done something different or better than Day, then good for you.  But ridiculing him by suggesting he allowed his wife to be injured isn't simply misguided, it's borderline idiotic. 

One thing's for sure.  With Jason battling vertigo while contending at the U.S. Open earlier this season, and now Ellie taking a hit that would have sent some NFL players to the injured reserve, toughness is definitely a quality that runs deep in the Day family.

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