Monday, April 25, 2016

2016 PGA Merchandise Show DAY 1 RECAP (Part 3 of 4): Ben Hogan, Oakley, Callaway, Odyssey, and Cobra

We're moving on to Part 3 of my 2016 PGA Merchandise Show DAY 1 RECAP.  And here you'll find new equipment and apparel from Ben Hogan Golf, Oakley, Callaway, Odyssey, and Cobra. 


Some of my daily recaps are going to feature a grab bag of pictures and videos - those I passed up while putting the daily recaps together, but still wanted you to see - like pictures and videos that give you a taste of the atmosphere and crowds.  So be on the lookout for those as well. 

And of course in addition to multi-part recaps for each day of the Show, you can find the gear, apparel, and accessories I thought stood out above all others in my Best of Show.

Ben Hogan Golf 
The new Ben Hogan PTx irons are the irons you've waited your whole life for.  One of the sweetest feeling and sweetest sounding irons I ever hit.  Controllable and predictable ball flight with just the right amount of forgiveness.  And the workmanship was flawless.  Once I hit them, resistance was futile. 

I can tell you right now they were one of my Best of Show in the irons category.  I posted a ton of pics of the new Hogan irons (and VKTR hybrids) in my Demo Day Quick Recap - Part 1, so I'll include only a few pics here.  But I'm also including a few side-by-side pictures of the PTx with the FT. WORTH 15 irons for comparison. 


Oakley Golf 
Oakley showed off a brand new lens technology called Prizm, which was developed originally for the U.S. military.  They're designed to enhance contrasts on the course, so you can better see green undulations, slopes, and even improve depth perception. 


I didn't get a chance to test them out, but I can say pretty confidently these don't sound like conventional lenses.  They'll be available in three different styles. 

It was also cool to see Bubba Watson's script for The Open Championship and PGA Championship this year.  And while Oakley's new line is performance driven above all else, the styles should satisfy even the most discriminating of tastes


Callaway Golf 
Callaway's XR 16 drivers and woods are a huge improvement over the previous XR models.  The XR 16s were scary long with tons of carry, and probably the easiest to hit woods I've ever tried from Callaway


The XR 16 irons were long and strong, with forgiveness beyond awesome.  But it was the Apex Pro irons that had me drooling.  The ball fired off the face with an easy to find sweet spot.  Distance control was sharp.  And the feeling was so smooth they nearly left me at a loss for words


Odyssey Golf 
I got a chance to check out what Odyssey was up to this year, and their new White Hot RX putters were impressive.  Featuring a completely new insert technology, designed for better roll and softer feel, I noticed very little variation in the quality of my putts.  White Hot fans will be flocking to the RX. 


But the putter that I couldn't stop thinking about was the Toe Up.  I felt a real sensation of balance between my hands and the putter head.  Steady as can be.  And I made so many different putts with it, I honestly wondered if Odyssey pitched their practice green so that any ball hit close would just funnel in. 

It's the kind of putter that makes you think you can drain any putt.  And of the many putters I tried out this week, the Toe Up was definitely one I wanted to bring home. 


Cobra Golf 
I can tell you without hesitation, Cobra absolutely killed it in every category of clubs this year. 

First I hit the KING LTD Pro driver and thought to myself, "It's a freaking rocket."  I could have checked my emails waiting for it to come down


Then I hit the KING F6+ driver and thought to myself, "I could hit this in the dark and walk straight to it."  The Carbon Track system lets you dial in a perfect combination of distance and forgiveness. 


The KING Forged Tec long irons were almost as easy to hit as the short irons.  The balance was nearly perfect.  And the feel was exceptional.  These are the kind of irons you keep forever.  Easily one of the best I hit at the Show.  The KING Pro combo irons require a bit more skill to hit.  But if you have the game, these might produce some of the most rewarding shots you ever hit. 


And be sure to check out my Demo Day coverage, a four-part series: 2016 PGA Merchandise Show - Demo Day Quick Recap

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  1. Great stuff as usual, Pete. That XR16 driver is on my short list.

  2. Thanks John, recaps for DAY 2 & DAY 3 will be out in the next few days. As well as a Best of Show. The XR 16 should be on just about every short list. Callaway basically designed confidence with this one.