Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Artistry of Carnoustie Sportswear - 2017 PGA Show Spotlight

If you're familiar with Carnoustie Sportswear you know the name is synonymous with elegant styles that are as timeless as the game itself.  I'm not talking sober, unadventurous golf dad styles.  I'm talking about fire over flash, good taste and refinement, where integrity of design meets integrity of experience. 


Luxurious and uncompromising fabrics make their outerwear and polos the heroes of any wardrobe.  And the distinctive, indulgent feel to their collections makes you feel downright pampered, as if Carnoustie is a family member who genuinely cares about your well being. 

For discerning golfers who value the artistry of our game as much as the competitive nature of it.  For spirited golfers who never surrender, and appreciate the virtues of character and presence.  Carnoustie is simply in a class all by itself. 


Assorted collections of new Carnoustie cotton suedes, polos, performance outerwear, rainwear, trousers and shorts, and even a new ladies collection were on exhibit at the PGA Show.  And let's just say these enticed the obsessive side of my personality.  The more I saw, the more I needed to see. 


Now this isn't an apparel review, so I'm not going to address looks, performance, feel, comfort, or fit in detail other than to say Carnoustie is a cut above in all these categories.  However I absolutely have to say a few more words about the Carnoustie feel. 

For just a moment think about one of the most delicious meals you've ever prepared for yourself.  Now imagine how that same meal would taste if it was prepared by a master chef like Wolfgang Puck or Michael Symon.  Your meals were great, but Puck and Symon created the piece de resistance because they work with superior ingredients and possess superior expertise.  That's what Carnoustie feel is all about. 


I had a chance to speak with the man who Carnoustie takes its cue from, the leader and President Marshall Mancillas.  And very quickly it all started to make even more sense. 

Mancillas is intensely meticulous with a visceral sense of responsibility and pride for everything that sports the Carnoustie name.  They use only the finest yarns and fabrics.  Their finishing process never cuts corners. 


As an avid and lifelong golfer Mancillas relies on his own experience, as well as input from Tour players to ensure every Carnoustie garment resonates with undiluted polish and performance. 

Carnoustie clearly exhausts all possibilities to meet our expectations.  I no longer wonder why they actually wind up exceeding them.

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