Monday, July 31, 2017

Cleveland Golf CBX Wedge Preview: A New Category of Wedge For Golfers Who Play Cavity Back Irons

Occam's razor is a problem solving principle that basically states the simplest answer is usually the best answer, and Cleveland Golf has designed a new category of wedges that might be the most obvious solution to the short game woes of a majority of golfers. 


The new CBX wedges are modeled to complement the address profile and swing weight of the most popular cavity back irons, and built to look, feel, and play like the game improvement irons used by 84-percent of the golf market. 

While Cleveland Golf’s RTX-3 wedges are designed for skilled players, and Smart Sole 3 wedges for golfers who want maximum forgiveness, the CBX wedges are positioned as forgiving yet versatile wedges that cater to the needs of the great golfing middle. 


Wedges that match iron sets have next to no spin technology and sole designs that are ill equipped for the demands of the short game.  Tour wedges are versatile and spin the ball but are significantly heavier and lack the forgiveness features that most golfers are used to in their irons. The CBX wedges combine the spin and versatility of our tour wedges with a cavity back design for substantial control and forgiveness. 

Key Innovations
  • Cavity Back Design 

Offers more forgiveness and blends with the look, feel and weight of cavity back iron sets. 
  • Rotex Face 

The most advanced wedge spin technology ever made, helps the CBX produce spin just like a tour-designed wedge.
  • Dual-V Sole Grind 

Offers forgiving turf interaction, delivers extra assistance on bunker shots, and provides versatility when executing different short game shots.
  • Feel Balancing Technology 

Repositions the center of gravity for better feel and distance control. 

The new Cleveland CBX wedges will be available September 15, 2017 in 46-degree through 60-degree lofts in left and right handed options.  Men's steel will retail for $129.99, while men's and women's graphite will retail for $139.99.  For more information about Cleveland Golf's CBX wedges, check them out at, and on twitter @ClevelandGolf and Instagram @ClevelandGolf.

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