Thursday, August 31, 2017

Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons Preview: Easy To Love Shots Throughout Your Bag

Nothing beats the scenery of fall golf.  The season turns into a blur of reds, yellows, and oranges, and letting that beauty sink in makes playing an entire day out on the course something memorable. 


Cleveland Golf thinks that your game should be memorable as well.  And so next month they're releasing the new Launcher CBX irons, designed to make your game even more spectacular than the new autumn landscape. 

The Launcher CBX irons continue on the theme of the new CBX wedges, designed to meet the needs of the everyday player, and even most players for that matter. 


It doesn't matter if you don't practice much, or even if you play regularly for that matter.  The CBX irons blend easy to hit long irons with easy to control short irons, so you can experience easy to love shots throughout your bag. 


Long irons feature a narrow profile for higher launch and more power, while also incorporating a cup face design for improved face flex and higher ball speed.  Short irons become progressively more compact with narrower top lines and less offset to improve playability and precision. 


The set also incorporates variable V-shape soles that are shallower on the long irons to benefit the sweeping style of swings of most golfers, but deeper on the short irons to match the naturally steeper swing used for short irons.  And the featuring the same grooves and face roughness as the CBX wedges means maximum spin from the rough and more consistent distance control. 


The new Cleveland Launcher CBX irons will be available September 15, 2017 and retail for $699.99 in steel, and $799 in graphite.  

For more information about the entire line of Launcher and CBX clubs, check them out at, and on twitter @ClevelandGolf and Instagram @ClevelandGolf.

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