Tuesday, February 27, 2018

2018 PGA Merchandise Show - Day 1 Recap Part 2 of 4: Devereux Golf, Under Armour Golf, Peter Millar, Stitch Golf, and New Balance

Attending the PGA Merchandise Show isn't a requirement to be a certifiable golf geek, but you haven't lived until you attend one.  It's basically a 72-hour non-stop high with crowds of golf enthusiasts large enough to fill 20 football fields.  Sleep is unlikely, fun is guaranteed, and checking out the anticipated new releases for the upcoming season is intense in the most fantastic way possible. 


In my PGA Show Day 1 Recap Part 1 I showed you new apparel from New Era, Polo Ralph Lauren, Sunice, Adidas, Galvin Green, and J.Lindeberg.  In this section we'll stay apparel-centric and take a look at new lines from Devereux, Under Armour, and Peter Millar, as well as new headcovers from Stitch and the latest golf shoes from New Balance. 

Each year I come to the PGA Show and talk with Devereux co-founder Robert Brunner.  And each year I walk away more and more impressed with everything about this company.  Devereux's new line of apparel strikes a sophisticated balance between form and function.  Brunner takes great pride in using the finest yarns available, and that contributes Devereux's exquisite, functional feel.  But that's only the tip of iceberg. 


Self-assured, unpretentious designs are made for the alpha male.  For people who know how to get things done, and take no prisoners.  Devereux's new line takes cues from the hards-as-nails men like Palmer and Hogan, and adapts those looks to 21st century performance.  This is a brand that understands golf is a gentleman's game, and their new line was one of my favorites of the Show. 


Under Armour was showing off their new Spieth 2 golf shoes.  For those familiar with the Spieth 1, the sole will look virtually identical with five normal spikes and four resistance spikes.  The big difference lies in the uppers, which now have a smart weave upper covering the back heel of the shoe for greater comfort and support. 


Under Armour told me their new polos breathe well and don't wrinkle, which is always a good thing.  The new designs epitomize the athletic spirit that defines champions, but they're not trendy looking so young and old can both wear them with confidence. 


Peter Millar is taking a dressier perspective on sport mentality by using new luxury fabrics designed to be highly functional.  Their storm system line is wind and water repellant, and one piece actually comes in cashmere (drool). 


There's a definite art form to what Peter Millar designs, and they have a varied selection of looks that will appeal to everyone.  Athletic and traditional designs both have a touch of regality to them and will work for you from the bag to the boardroom. 

There aren't a lot of quality leather headcovers on the market, but Stitch definitely makes some of the best.  The leather is soft to touch and the quality is impressive. 


Stitch had some of their Arnold Palmer collection headcovers on display, as well as their new limited edition SL 1 golf bag.  Old school knit headcovers are also available for those looking for something more nostalgic. 

New Balance Minumus SL spikeless golf shoes are extremely lightweight with waterproof uppers, and are engineered to bring the comfort of running shoes to the golf world.  Microfiber leather uppers are designed to maximize comfort and breathability. 


For those who prefer traditional spikes, the Minimus Tour feature a new skeletally engineered upper for premium support and responsiveness, and a new midsole cushioning for improved comfort and feel. 


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