Saturday, March 31, 2018

New Golf Equipment Reviews: Wilson Staff C300 Driver and C300 Irons FIRST LOOK Preview

I've been testing the new Wilson C300 driver and C300 irons the past few weeks, and will have a full review soon.  I wanted to share a few initial thoughts with you first however,  as these have both given me some surprises I did not expect. 


When my full review drops I'll have tested these clubs in all conditions.  That's the great thing about playing here in Ohio in March to April - you get some days that approach 70 degrees and the sun is absolutely glorious, and other days when the temps are barely holding in the 40s and rain certainly makes an appearance. 

The C300 driver has a sweet spot larger than any Wilson driver I've hit to date - and the resulting distance is beyond impressive.  Power Holes are legitimate, and the adjustability is Wilson's finest to date. 


What's impressing me most though about the C300 is how complete a driver it is.  It's a true spin killer, which makes it ideal to shape shots, but it also has an impressive level of forgiveness that you normally don't see in lower spinning drivers.  This isn't the case of newest is best either like you see on so many other review sites.  You might recall I liked the Triton, but it wasn't as forgiving as most people need.  I liked the M3 driver more than the F5 - which came out later.  I'm always going to tell it to you straight, and early testing is leading me to believe the C300 is Wilson's best all-around driver - ever. 

The C300 irons are a departure from my normal irons in that they're not forged, and fit more in the game-improvement category than the players category.  Hitting them early on has made me wonder if I should have been playing game-improvement irons a few years ago. 


Distances are a full club longer than previous Wilson irons I've played, and the surprising part of that is the corresponding launch is also higher.  The C300's aren't about longer by jacked up lofts.  They're longer because of the Power Holes and stronger face, and my peak heights and descent angles has made shots repeatedly stop on a dime. 


Mid-size toplines and relatively low offset gives them the cleaner appearance I prefer, and although these are irons that basically scream distance, dispersion is on par with forged irons I've played from Wilson in the past. 

I said this at Demo Day and I'll say it again here: the C300 line has the potential to be Wilson's best selling line of clubs in its entire history.  If you have the chance to test them out, I'd bet most of you will want to put them in your bags.  You can't argue with results, and my C300 driver and irons have given me some of the best drives and iron shots I've ever hit with Wilson clubs.