Thursday, March 8, 2018

SPOTTED: New Aldila Rogue 130 Platinum Proto Shafts

Testing begins this week for the new Aldila Rogue 130 Platinum Proto shafts at the Valspar Championship in Tampa.  There's not a lot of news about the shafts yet, but here's what I know so far, including some pictures to sink your teeth into and specs from Aldila's 2018 Catalogue


The 130 Platinum shafts are billed as mid launch, low spin shafts that will be even more stable than the previous generation.  That's largely because of the new 130 MSI material now being used. 


The trademark Rogue smooth feel will remain the same, but NexGen Micro Laminate and DIALED Pitch Fiber technologies also make it more powerful.  Think previous generation Rogue on steroids. 


I launched the previous generation Rogue shaft a little higher than I'd have liked in my Epic driver, but still felt like the shaft gained momentum and powerful kick into the ball at impact.  A new mid-launch shaft with even more stability and energy transfer sounds impressive to say the least.  I'll have more information for you as soon as it's available.