Thursday, April 5, 2018

CRU Golf 2018 Major Collection - Limited Edition Masters Headcovers REVIEW

It’s a rite of passage that connects golfers on a primal level to the folklore of miracle shots and great champions.  It evokes the smell of fresh cut grass and vibrant Azaleas that enshroud the property like jam-packed, frenzied patrons.  It’s of course The Masters at Augusta National, and CRU Golf’s limited edition April 2018 Major Collection headcovers pays homage to this heritage and mystique with dazzling authenticity. 


There are an estimated 1,600 Azalea bushes bursting with blooms down the left side of the famous 13th hole, and behind the green at Augusta National.  I’m convinced CRU inspected each one before designing their new headcovers.  Varying hues of pink, red, and white faithfully reproduce one of Augusta’s most recognizable icons. CRU’s Azalea number patches are so captivating and authentically detailed, they’re seemingly a portal to this hallowed ground. 

Intelligent and purposeful effort also went into the body color, which commemorates Augusta’s majestic white clubhouse, iconic white scoreboards, and distinctive white caddy uniforms. A single green stripe crossing the middle of the headcover pays tribute to the Green Jacket awarded to Masters champions, and this particular shade masterfully reflects the jacket’s unique coloration. 


The meticulous character of CRU’s Major Collection headcovers also extends to their Major Collection alignment stick covers.  Crafted in textured Masters green leather with Azaleas even more prominent, these truly epitomize Augusta’s natural splendor and beauty.  An American flag is also positioned near the middle of the alignment stick as a nod to The Masters logo and flower bed in Founders Circle at Augusta. 


Attention to detail is matched by an equally profound overall quality.  CRU hand selects only the finest leathers available for its custom leather products, and the construction of this collection is impeccable. Flawless stitching with thread gauge thick enough to be durable but thin enough to permit elaborate detail means these will stand the test of time.  Workmanship is uncommonly superb. 


Players like CRU Ambassador Rickie Fowler will be using these exact same headcovers and alignment sticks this week at Augusta, and it’s always pretty cool to know we can rock the same gear the pros use. However, there’s also a particularly heartwarming story about the design of this year’s April Major Collection that will lift your spirits and warm your soul. 

CRU Golf President Adam Blake recently lost his father-in-law after courageously battling a terminal illness, and the grief Adam and his wife experienced was profound and complicated. CRU had not yet finalized the Major Collection design at the time of his passing, and one evening while still processing their loss and pain, Adam asked his wife, “What was pop’s favorite flower?”  In what can only be described as one of those amazing moments where the universe guides us toward our true destiny, she replied, “The Azalea.”  


CRU’s April Major Collection headcovers capture the heart and soul of The Masters and Augusta National with spirited and elaborate detail. They’re nostalgic, they’re authentic, and they’re brimming with mystery.  CRU Golf clearly has an overpowering love and respect for this event, and understands all of us do as well.  And just like The Masters is a tradition unlike any other, these headcovers are a cut above the rest.