Friday, October 26, 2018

White Heat: Ben Hogan Golf Ft. Worth WHITE Irons Preview

Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company has introduced a complimentary line of custom, hand-crafted forged irons that answer widespread golfer demand for a traditional nickel-chrome clubhead finish called the Ft. Worth WHITE Irons. 


These new blade-style irons join the popular Ft. Worth BLACK irons, one of Ben Hogan Golf's most successful product lines which featured a unique Diamond Black Metal (DBM) finish. 

The new WHITE irons are available for purchase immediately without retail mark-up thanks to BHG's proven direct-to-consumer sales and distribution model that offers unprecedented pricing for high-performance, custom-made forged irons. 

On the heels of BHG's success with the Ft. Worth Black Irons, many traditionalists wanted to play this iron design with the standard nickel-chrome finish, so the WHITE irons were launched (illustrative of how BHG interacts with and listens to its customers)

As with the Ft. Worth BLACK irons, the WHITE irons will be custom-built clubs to individual golfer's specifications.  BHG's exclusive factory-direct business model allows them to put these irons in the hands of golfers immediately at hundreds of dollars less than they would pay for competitive products through green-grass and retail channels. 


The Ft. Worth WHITE Irons feature a traditional forged blade design that is engineered for serious, accomplished players seeking a rare blend of feel, consistency, accuracy, and forgiveness.  Extensive player and machine testing validate that the irons generate a more penetrating ball flight on scoring irons, higher initial launch angles on long irons, and better distance control on off-center hits when compared with competitive irons.  This is a direct result of dual Dynamic Progressive Weighting and Adaptive Perimeter Weighting Systems, which allow Hogan engineers to optimize the size, shape, and depth of the unique ''depression cavity" on the rear of each club head. 

The new Ft. Worth White Irons also feature proprietary enhanced V-Sole Technology, which is the most versatile sole in golf and has long been a trademark of Ben Hogan irons and wedges.  It combines a high bounce leading edge and low bounce trailing edge on the sole, and allows for easy manipulation of the club head no matter the lie and without changing the loft.  The bounce angles on the Ft. Worth White Irons have been re-engineered slightly on each club head to eliminate grab by the turf,  especially on less-than-full shots. 


Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company's signature Precise Loft System has also been simplified in the Ft. Worth WHITE Irons.  While the Company remains committed to consistent 4-degree loft gaps between each iron for optimal distance gapping, and to minimize loft compression at the short end of the set, the Ft. Worth WHITE Irons will only be offered in one loft matrix: the mid-high launch profile (22 to 46 degrees) preferred by the vast majority of Hogan iron players. 

Ft. Worth WHITE Irons will be stamped with traditional numbers (4 - PW) on the sole, and as with all Hogan irons, the Ft. Worth WHITE can be customized at no charge with length, lie, loft and grips (standard or mid-sized) as well as a choice of a variety of steel and graphite shafts. 

The new Ft. Worth WHITE Irons are available for purchase at exclusively, and are sold direct to consumers for $700.00 per seven-piece set (4 iron - Pitching Wedge).  Moreover, Hogan offers a Trade-UP program where golfers can offset the cost of their purchase by selling used equipment back to the company. 

For more information about the WHITE irons and Ben Hogan's entire line-up of equipment, check out and follow them on twitter @BHGolfEquipment and on Instagram @benhogangolf.  As always if you have any questions shoot me an email, or direct message on twitter and Instagram.

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