Wednesday, January 25, 2017

2017 PGA Merchandise Show - Demo Day Recap (Part 1): Bettinardi, SuperStroke, Wilson, Bubba, and Volvik

Yesterday at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show Demo Day, I went kinda nuts.  I hit as many clubs as I could for about seven straight hours (feeling it this morning), took tons of pictures and videos (about 1,200 to be exact), did some interviews, and of course picked up a few things for you as well. 

Last year I did the same thing, but came home sick as a dog, and wasn't able to share everything with you until much later.  So this year my number one goal is to share as much as I can with you, as fast as I can. 

I'll be uploading everything I have each morning and evening during the Show, so check back frequently for updates.  Anything I can't get to I'll finish when I return home.  And be sure, I'll also answer all your emails and messages, it just might take some time.

So here's a look at yesterday's 2017 PGA Merchandise Show Demo Day.  I'll have to break everything down into parts, because, well, I have 1,200 pictures and videos (and that number is going to grow).  Some companies will appear a few times in different parts, as I went back to check out some equipment more than once.  And I'll have a final wrap-up, including my thoughts on everything I hit, as well as my Best of Show when I return home next week. 

The Golf Swing Shirt: Padraig Harrington and Jimmy Ballard say it's the greatest swing trainer ever invented. 

Which SuperStroke grip is best for you?  SuperStroke offers a wide variety in size and shape. 

Bettinardi Golf 
Every year some of the best looking putters around. 

I'll have more pics and impressions on these two juicy new models in my PGA Show recaps. 

 Wilson Golf 
The D300 Driver impressed a lot of folks. 

And this 11-year old kid was absolutely killing it with the D300. 

Triton was definitely one of the top-3 drivers I hit today (and I hit just about all of them). 

Strong sound and stronger distance.  High penetrating ball flight.  When you get dialed in with this you can really crush the ball.  And based on the huge crowds in the Wilson area, I wasn't the only one impressed.

New oil can PVD finish for the FG Tour PMP wedges is hot. 

The FG Tour V6 irons made my list of top-3 better player irons (and they're forgiving enough for mid-handicappers as well). 

Wilson Staff Pro Bags. 

Wilson's D300 irons have a sweet spot the size of Texas and are monstrously long.  The point of these irons is to make golf easier.  And they might be the gold standard for game-improvement irons this year. 

Even Golf Channel's Lauren Thompson can't resist snapping a selfie with Bubba Watson. 

It took him a few takes, but Bubba finally nailed his first Volvik commercial. 



  1. Awesome work Pete! Glad you are finally doing what you love to do!!

    1. Thanks Joe, lots more coming. 1,200 pics and videos from Demo Day. Another 1,200 from Day 1 of the PGA Show. And there's still two more days to go.