Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Antigua Golf Apparel Spring 2018 Collection Preview - High Fashion at the Forefront

It's not officially spring until The Masters is upon us, but that doesn't mean we can't warm up a bit with an early peak at the bold new styles from one of the nation’s most prominent golf apparel designers. 


I'll be showing you a lot of Antigua Golf's new Spring 2018 collection from the PGA Show next week, and can tell you already they've made spring a season of energy and optimism. 

Antigua has emphasized styles with holographic effects, superb color mixtures, and unique patterns with five garments that spotlight these new designs. 

Exchange smoothly integrates a fashion flat knit collar into a tonal top portion of a dramatically engineered chest design.  It uses this season’s fashion shades in the upper body and sleeves, while partitioning the balance from the placket down with a seasonal accent that finishes the pattern. 


Constructed in a fine gauge jersey, and including spandex for maximum comfort and stretch, it's stylized with vertically set striped cuffs.

Liquid also employs the flat knit collar as a complement to the fabric.  A carry forward from last season, it again demonstrates that a pique fabric can be more than utilitarian. 


A two-color stripe fabric has been knit into a variegated auto repeat that takes advantage of the pique’s birds-eye construction.  An iridescent effect is emphasized along with solid color stripes, creating a unique color appeal to this otherwise classic pique polo. 

Aerial shares the same two colors of this season’s palette as Liquid, and was created in a supple poly/spandex jersey construction. 


Its main fabric color showcases the rich, bright colors of this season’s collection while the repeating pinstripe is a subtly contrasting as an accent color.  Eight vibrant color combinations are available. 

Unite subtly uses multi-color feed stripes coordinated with a chest panel style that defines the season's chest stripe trend. 


Made of the softest poly/spandex jersey and sewn with a self-fabric collar with perpendicularly cut cuffs, Unite is a must-have garment this season in any of its five color combinations.

Dimension is a contemporary print with asymmetric linear accents set against a tonal seasonal color background. 


This contemporary performance golf polo incorporates the same linear pattern used as accents in tone-on-tone shades throughout the fabric design.  Its self-fabric collar completes the updated look and achieves a complete print color matching. 

The half-zip pullover is to outerwear what the polo collar is to a golf shirt and remains a staple in Antigua's new line.  Three new styles cover the gamut in both fabric choices to function best in certain temperatures, as well as fashion options ranging from quilted, tonal double knits, stripes with accents, fleeced garments, sweater-like fabrications, and contrasting embossed, tonally striped windwear. 

Profile combines the season's fashion color palette with a 50-50 color-to-contrasting-black knit check.  The upper portion represents a richer version of the specific color, bringing more black to the surface against the underlying color.  While the lower majority does the opposite.  This is achieved with a single fabric constructed as a double knit jacquard.  To give full contrast to this mid-weight style, a reflective chest seam runs perpendicular to the inverted fabrics for an updated contemporary feature. 

Voyage is Antigua's interpretation of sweater-like apparel designed as sportswear.  While it's cut-and-sewn instead of fully fashion-knitted into a sweater, Voyage offers the versatility to be casual or classic. 


Voyage uses a fuller fibrous filament yarn that disperses sweater-like hairs along its neutral color scheme, while the backside of this double knit jacquard uses a contrasting solid black yarn.  A seasonal two-color zipper placket is set in as a pop color accent. 

Thunder, Cyclone and Maritime 
Thunder, Cyclone and Maritime are Antigua's Spring 2018 windwear offerings.  Thunder makes use of a diamondback jacquard stretch woven for its tonally embossed center core, and boldly contrasting knit sleeves that make a statement. 

Cyclone and Maritime feature the same meshed lined woven automatic pin stripe fabric to create a short-sleeve wind shirt and wind vest respectively.  Cyclone's contrasting chrome inverted zippers on the placket and in the chest and hip pockets complement this style's tonal body stripes. 

Maritime mirrors Cyclone with regard to its outerwear spec and fits as a wind vest should.  Tailored to aesthetically match Antigua's polo sleeve seams, it functions as a perfect piece for inclement or temperate weather. 

Rounding out the Spring 2018 outerwear collection is the fully fleeced style Frontier.  Built as a cool weather knit outer or under layer, it uses randomly twisted two-tone heavy gauge yarns to create a horizontal irregular all-over stripe effect.  It's the go-to garment when cooler weather encourages warmer clothing. 

Holographic Effects 
The first trend taking the fashion market by storm is the holographic effect.  Some manifest as a true multi-color holographic effect, while others offer a more subtle combination of light bright shades that give the appearance of a prism light spectrum. 


Regardless of how it's used, the hologram is a trip down memory lane bringing flashbacks of the late 80's and early 90's fashion. Thankfully the holographic effect of today's world is slightly less plastic looking and more organic in feel. Instead of creating fabrics that appear holographic, designers have been using foil prints, screen prints and heat transfers. All are soft against the body and allude to the effect of a sunset, both simultaneously calming and visually stunning. 

Color Mixture 
Another major trend is mixing deep vibrant colors with soft bright colors.  This new collection includes two different color palettes. The first includes bold, vibrant colors like Boysenberry, Cherry, Poseidon, Spearmint, and Sunflower. 


The alternative palette features softer bright shades like Mandarin, Oceanside, Meringue, Iris and Rose.  This color-on-color trend makes what was once a basic polo suddenly appear original and contemporary.  Several styles in the collection mix colors from both palettes, in which each deep shade is mixed with a soft shade for a look that's both modern and wearable. 

Patterns and Prints 
The last trend is the use of different patterns and prints.  Never before have printed fabrics played such a key role in ladies golf.  Previously, prints were seen as over-the-top, but now it's difficult to find a ladies golf line that doesn't have multiple versions of an all-over print. 


Some styles feature an all-over printed pattern, while others just use small details, such as a printed side inset.  Prints have remained geometric in style, embodied by abstract artwork, and are overall symmetrical in feel.

For more looks and details on Antigua's new Spring 2018 Collection, check out Antigua Golf.