Saturday, March 31, 2018

2018 PGA Merchandise Show - Day 1 Recap Part 4 of 4: Ping, Cobra Golf, Puma Golf, Piretti Fine Putters, Callaway Golf Shoes

The first day of the PGA Show was coming to a close for me about this time, and darting back and forth around the one million square foot space for meetings at the Orange County Convention Center can present some logistical challenges.  All told, in three days on the floor I walked more than 100,000 steps - the equivalent of 48 miles.  I get excited about my golf, okay? 


In my Day 1 Recap Part 3 we looked at new gear from Titleist, Scotty Cameron, Vokey, and FootJoy.  In this section we check out more from PING, Cobra, Puma, Piretti, and Callaway Golf shoes.  Let's wrap Day 1 up. 

You're either going to love PING Golf's new G400 MAX driver or you're going to hate it.  As I mentioned in my Demo Day recaps, it was one of straightest drivers I hit all day.  Unfortunately, it was also one of the shortest.  I don't know if that's because the stock shaft just didn't work for me, or perhaps I was worn down a bit by the time I came to the G400 later in the day. In either event, distance didn't blow me away like it did with some other drivers. 


The size of the G400 MAX looks enormous, and depending on your preference - that's either going to really turn you off, or give you incredible confidence hitting it.  I may try the G400 Max again later in the year, but at the Show at least, I thought there were a handful of better all-around drivers. 

In the iron department however, PING did not disappoint.  The new G700 irons almost look like better player irons, but they're game improvement through and through.  The mid-size hollow head with thin Maraging steel face produced great distance.  If you're a slower swinger the distance gains you experience will be substantial. 


Cobra Golf's new KING F8 and F8+ drivers did it all for me at Demo Day.  Exceptional distance - check.  Accuracy and forgiveness - check.  I left the Cobra area truly wondering what else they could have done with these drivers to impress me even more, and I couldn't think of anything.  You can read more of my F8 impressions in the Demo Day recaps, but I'd recommend these drivers to anyone. 


The F8 irons were up there with some of the longest game improvement irons I tested at Demo Day, and ball flight was incredibly consistent.  Soles are wider in the long irons and narrower in the short irons.  Most of the weight is low and back in the soles, making these extremely easy to launch and very forgiving.  Like the F8 drivers, the F8 irons also come with COBRA CONNECT Powered by Arccos sensors in the grips that let you track your performance with each iron.  Highest possible praise for what COBRA has done this year. 


PWRADAPT sole technology is an extremely cool new technology in the PUMA Adapt golf shoes.  Using 3-D traction pods, these shoes promise to connect your feet to the ground no matter what the slope or surface.  Uphill, downhill, sidehill lie?  These spikes basically move independently of each other to provide you with ideal stability. 

Ultra-responsive cushioning foam with energy return properties deliver comfort and support where you need it most, and instead of a traditional tongue, the Adapt shoes feature a mesh booty to hug your foot for even greater comfort and improved fit. 


Piretti rolled out five new models in their new 303 Series line, and each one is drop-dead gorgeous.  They're milled from 303 stainless steel, and feature deep face grooves that contribute to a buttery soft feel at impact.  For pure putting bliss you want to check these out. 


The new satin finish reduces glare on sunny days, but aesthetically it also makes for an incredibly sulty appearance.  Along with strong, clean lines, sexy is definitely the watchword for Piretti in 2018. 


I was really excited to team up with Callaway Golf shoes at the Show and give away a pair of their new Coronado golf shoes to celebrate Callaway's partnership with Fairways for Warriors.  Callaway isn't just a company that makes outstanding products.  It also realizes giving back is what it's all about. 


Callaway's new La Grange is their most premium and advanced golf shoe to date.  Utilizing a new POWERdrive Platform, the four-part sole delivers unprecedented comfort, support, stability, and traction in a Callaway Golf shoe.  La Grange should definitely be on your radar if you're looking for new shoes in 2018. 


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