Thursday, March 15, 2018

New Golf Equipment Reviews: Callaway Rogue SZ Driver, Mitsubishi Diamana BF and RF Shafts, and More

I'm helping you get equipped with the right gear to improve your game this spring and have a smorgasbord of new equipment reviews right around the corner.  Most of my reviews are based on equipment and gear that I thought stood out as Best of Show during Demo Day at the PGA Show a few months ago. 


I'm taking everything on the course multiple times, and giving you some useful comparisons to help you decide what's right for you this year.  In the meantime, here are some pictures from the latest wave of new products I'll be reviewing: including the Callaway Golf Rogue SZ Driver with Aldila Synergy shaft, and the new generation Diamana shafts from Mitsubishi. 

I told you a little about the Callaway Rogue SZ during my Demo Day coverage, and for now I'll give you another little nugget that might surprise you. 


Although SZ targets low spin players, you don't have to be a high speed player to get great results with it.  I adjusted the loft up from my usual setting, and the carry and roll results were incredible.  The SZ is an unyielding juggernaut.  I'll have a lot more about that in my review. 

The Diamana BF and RF Series are Mitsubishi's newest generation shafts that actually improve on the time-tested performance of their Blue Board and Red Board profiles. 


These aren't new shafts just for the sake of being new or different.  They're legitimately better performing with a new design and new materials.  I'll have some head-to-head comparisons for you with previous generations that will definitely peak your interest if you're not already curious. 

Tiger's back, The Masters is almost here, and new equipment from a pack of companies is the best I've seen in the last five years. The golf hype meter is about to start spiking!