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Sneak Peek: Wilson Staff D200 Driver Woods Hybrids and Irons

You're probably starting to notice Wilson Staff has quickly become a favorite brand for golfers of all types and abilities.  That's because Wilson understands that giving golfers the particular results they want, means giving golfers the distinctive equipment they need. 


And for golfers who crave distance and forgiveness above all else, the new Wilson D200 family of clubs promises to be intoxicating

The central technology applied to all clubs in the D200 line is called Right Light technology.  The general idea underlying Right Light technology is that is players swing lighter clubs faster, and faster club head speeds translate to higher ball speeds and more distance. 

But there's a lot more to Right Light technology than merely using light weight.
"The challenge with engineering the Right Light is optimizing the limited available mass for proper distribution among head, shaft, and grip," says Michael Vrska, Global Director of Innovation.  "[That's what achieves] the best performance for each club."
"Best performance" might be putting it mildly.  The majority of players Wilson tested, all with various handicaps, achieved tremendous yardages with the D200 clubs. 

Wilson's 100-Year Centennial celebration is nearing its tail end.  But with an impressive 2015 line-up just over the horizon (which still includes the FG Tour M3 and FG Tour 100 irons, as well as the new FG Tour V4 irons), it looks like the party will go on long into next year. 

Here's a sneak peek of the key features in the new D200 driver, woods, hybrids, and irons, available in January 2015. 

D200 Drivers 
With a chemically etched crown and thin variable face, the total mass of the D200 driver is just 268 grams, making it the lightest adjustable driver on the market. 

A new adjustable hosel features six settings to optimize both loft and lie.  And the size of the face has been increased for higher MOI and more forgiveness on heel and toe impacts.  Decreased thickness around the lower half of the face also increases ball velocities where mishits occur most. 



The D200 drivers ($299.99) come with a 44-gram UST Elements Chrome shaft, and 25-gram Golf Pride Tour 25 grip.  They're available in 9*, 10.5*, and 13* right-handed models, and a 10.5* left-handed model. 

D200 Fairway Woods and Hybrids 
Face inserts are the headlines for the D200 fairway woods and hybrids.  The premium 455 Carpenter steel face is up to 20% thinner than any other type of steel, and generates the highest trampoline-effect and ball speed of any Wilson fairway wood or hybrid ever made. 


Face area has been increased by 5%, providing greater forgiveness in the heel and toe areas.  And an extended low heel promotes greater versatility from all playing conditions. 


The D200 fairway woods ($249.99) come with a 49-gram UST Elements Chrome shaft, and 25-gram Golf Pride Tour 25 grip.  They're available in 15*, 18*, and 21* right-handed models, and 15*, and 18* left-handed models. 

The D200 hybrids ($179.99) come with a 54-gram UST Elements Chrome shaft, and 25-gram Golf Pride Tour 25 grip.  They're available in 17*, 19*, 21*, 23*, 25*, and 27* right-handed models, and 19*, 21*, and 23* left-handed models. 

D200 Irons 
What's especially interesting about the D200 irons is what you don't actually see. Speed Sole technology removes weight from the face and bottom of the sole, and relocates it to heel and toe pads. 


The weight removed from the face and sole produces driver-like CT (face spring) for shots hit low on the face.  And the weight relocated to the heel and toe pads increases MOI for more stability and forgiveness. 


The weight distribution is more pronounced in the long irons for needed distance, but less pronounced in the short irons for more control and feel. 

The D200 irons come with 85-gram True Temper SL85 steel shafts ($599), or a 59-gram UST Elements Chome graphite shafts ($699.99).  They're available in sets of 4-PW/GW in both right-handed and left-handed models. 

For more information about Wilson's D200 family of clubs and their entire 2015 line-up, keep an eye out on Wilson Staff, and check them out on twitter @WilsonGolf

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