Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ben Hogan Golf returns in 2015

Legendary homecomings in sports don't happen very often.  And next year the golf world is bracing for what's already the most anticipated return of the season. 


Ben Hogan Golf comes home to Fort Worth in 2015, and will introduce new Hogan clubs on the market for the first time in seven years. 

Speak with any golfer who's hit Hogan irons, and you can expect anything from rabid praise to outright worship.  Hogan was known for making some of the best forged irons in the world. 

But equipment production was limited after Callaway Golf purchased Hogan in 2003.  And by 2008 the iconic brand appeared dead. 

Now thanks to an agreement between Perry Ellis International (who acquired Hogan in 2012) and Eidolon Brands (the company behind SCOR4161 scoring clubs), Hogan has been resurrected

And the man in charge of designing the new Ben Hogan Golf clubs probably knows more about Hogan than anyone you'll ever meet. 


Terry Koehler is a lifelong Hogan disciple, former Ben Hogan Golf employee, and understands that Hogan irons have always stood for quality and craftsmanship. 

"We want to always remember that heritage, and want the introductory set of irons to reflect Mr. Hogan's values: precision, performance, and excellence," Koehler said. 

To that end, Koehler's assembled a top R&D team, including previous Hogan employees, and has studied every production model of every Hogan iron ever made. 



I know from my interview with Koehler a few years ago, that he's a straight shooter, and a perfectionist.  So when Koehler recently told me, "Pete, I promise you they are going to be the most accurate Hogans you've ever hit," I believed him. 

Time will tell of course.  And the first set of Hogan irons should be available in early 2015.  But Koehler is less concerned about a schedule than he is about getting it right, "Our benchmark will always be, 'What would Hogan do?'" 

I'll have an exclusive interview with Koehler about the new Hogan irons very soon, and then later an in-depth review of the irons as well. 

You can get the latest Ben Hogan Golf news on twitter @benhogangolf and on facebook at Ben Hogan Golf Company.  And be sure to check out Ben Hogan Golf Insider for the latest updates from Koehler and his Hogan R&D team. 

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  1. Always was a fan of the original Hogan Medallions, a bit out of my price range back in the day. Would love to have a little butter blade that you can work the ball with.