Monday, June 20, 2016

Dustin Johnson TaylorMade Tour Preferred EF Wedge Good Karma U.S. Open Giveaway

I probably like Dustin Johnson for the same reasons you do.  He's a freakish athlete with a one of a kind swagger.  It's ridiculously thrilling to watch him play.  And of course he's a bit of an eccentric character. 

I also like D.J. however because he's endured more heartbreak than anyone should have to endure in major championships.  And so Saturday, I took matters into my own hands.

Throwing some good karma out into the universe, I tweeted (and posted on Instagram) that I'd give away the same TaylorMade Tour Preferred EF wedge Johnson uses if he wins the U.S. Open.  And you know what happened yesterday.

So here's how to win D.J.'s 52* wedge. Look for my Dustin Johnson U.S. Open Champion Wedge Giveaway tweet and post on Instagram.  Retweet it, and also reply to it with your own congratulations to D.J. using the hashtag #YouEarnedItDJ


Everyone who replies on twitter and instagram will be entered in the giveaway.  You can enter once on both twitter and instagram.  And I'll announce the winner June 23, Thursday evening.  This one's open to everyone worldwide. 

It was an absolutely wild week at Oakmont, and I'll have a recap filled with pictures, videos, and stories sometime later this week.  In the meantime, good luck in the giveaway

And D.J.?  You didn't just win the U.S. Open.  You're The One


As always, if you have any questions, shoot me an email here, or DM on twitter @PGAPappas.

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