Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wilson Staff 2017 Triton Driver Preview: A Technological Marvel

I'm not a big fan of reality television.  But I have to say Wilson Golf really knocked it out of the park with Driver v Driver. 

The program was immensely entertaining, sometimes out-and-out hysterical, and above all, uncommonly revealing into what went into the design and development of Wilson's newest driver, the Triton.  (If you missed it the first run, I strongly recommend watching reruns on Golf Channel). 


The name Triton was chosen because it represents power, speed, and strength.  Triton also happens to be the name of a mythological Greek god.  And I'm not joking, if it winds up being even half as good as it looked during Driver v Driver (some guys looked like they were launching surface to air missiles off the tee with Triton), it's going to have a place in the Wilson pantheon of the best clubs Wilson's EVER made.

I'll let you know my impressions when I take one out for a test run.  In the meantime, here are some of the significant technologies in Wilson's newest driving divinity. 

Wilson is calling Triton the world's most adjustable multi-piece driver.  Featuring two interchangeable sole plates for optimal launch, spin, and extraordinary distance, Triton combines five elements of technology aimed at providing golfers with a new and exciting driver experience. 


The initial concept was introduced by industrial designer Eric Sillies and perfected by the Wilson LABS team over a period of 16 months. 

"It was a new, fun, experience to work with people and concepts from outside the golf industry, but there were numerous challenges as well.  I am extremely proud of the work done by the Wilson LABS team and maybe more importantly, the final quality and performance of the Triton driver.  This is truly a world class product,"  said Michael Vrska, Wilson Golf's Global Director of Innovation. 
  • Three sole weight ports and the tri-winged shape of the sole plates were inspired by the aerodynamic manta ray.
  • The Triton comes equipped with two interchangeable sole plates.  One is titanium, and the other carbon fiber for significant launch and spin changes. 

The 22-gram titanium sole plate is optimized for the majority of players who need mid to high launch and low spin.  While the nine-gram carbon fiber sole plate is geared for players who prefer a more penetrating ball flight and lower spin.
  • Swing Active Technology is a revolutionary 1:1 crown alignment feature designed to make hitting the sweet spot more intuitive and consistent, improving ball striking for improved accuracy. 
  • Five moveable weights, (2) two-gram, (2) six- gram, and (1) 12 gram can be placed in 18 unique combinations to fine tune and perfect ball flight. 

By varying the weight placement in the three sole ports, shot trajectory can be adjusted higher or lower or to help with draws and fades for true customization to complement each player's swing.
  • And the hallmark Fast Fit technology features one of the smallest, lightest, and easiest to use adjustable hosel systems available, making the perfect set-up fast and easy. 
Just a few turns of the wrench allows easy access to all six hosel settings, including three loft and three draw options. 


Headlined by the Aldila Rogue Tour Silver 125 MSI, ten different tour proven shafts are available at no upcharge.  From Aldila Rogue to Project X HZRDUS Black and Red to several options from Matrix, the optimal bend profile, feel, launch and spin can be fit to every golfer for maximum distance and fairway finding control. 

The Wilson Staff Triton will be available to customize online at, and select retailers on Black Friday, November 25. 


You can find out more about Wilson's entire 2016 line-up of clubs by checking out Wilson Golfand following them on twitter @WilsonGolf, and on Instagram @WilsonGolf.

And as always, if you have any questions, shoot me an email here, or DM on twitter @PGAPappas, and on Instagram @pgapappas.

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