Thursday, January 21, 2016

First Look Preview: Ben Hogan Golf Announces New VKTR Hybrid for 2016

You can officially stop calling it a comeback.  After a wildly successful first year for Ben Hogan Golf and the critically acclaimed FT. WORTH 15 irons and TK 15 wedges, the company has announced the debut of their new VKTR hybrids. 


But they're not just hybrids "The Hawk" himself would have been proud of.  They're hybrids designed with input from prototypes in Hogan's personal collection.

Touted as hybrids that will revolutionize the way golfers integrate hybrids into their set, the VKTR is designed as a long iron alternative for players seeking higher ball flight, without sacrificing enhanced workability, distance control, and performance from a variety of lies


Precision Driven Engineering 
Interchangeable 18 gram and 2 gram weights are positioned around the extreme perimeter of the club to fine tune center of gravity and customize ball flights for any player. 

And this extensive movable weight technology creates proper launch angles and spin rates, generating ideal ball flight to hold greens from long range with consistent distance control. 


Like with the FT. WORTH 15 irons and TK wedges, the VKTR is offered in every loft from 17* to 27*, making them the ultimate in precision distance gapping. 

Tour Inspired Shaping 
With over 10 years of shaping feedback from the best players in the world, the VKTR hybrids are designed with a profile to deliver the ultimate in confidence at address. 

Progressive sizing offers a larger head, higher launch, and more forgiveness in the lower lofts, and a more compact head shape for penetrating ball flight and improved workability in the higher lofts. 


The VKTR hybrids feature a slightly taller face for increased workability, with a high-square toe to help players set-up square to the target line. 

And because most misses are low on the face, the VKTR hybrids deliver a larger effective impact zone across the bottom of the face to dramatically improve performance. 

Inspired by the performance of the FT. WORTH irons and TK wedges, the VKTR hybrids also boast a 360* V-SOLE design that improves turf interaction from every lie. 


Each hybrid incorporates a higher bounce leading and trailing edge to deliver an improved measure of versatility and forgiveness.  And the V-SOLE at the heel and toe ensures improved performance from uneven lies, deep rough, and fairway bunkers

The VKTR hybrids will be begin shipping in April 2016 with the UST Mamiya IROD graphite shaft in three weight classes and four flexes, and will retail for $249 per club.  And extensive custom shafts and grip options will also be available. 


Ben Hogan Golf will officially reveal their entire 2016 line-up at the PGA Merchandise Show in January.  And I'll have even more details for you during my live coverage from the Show.  But my immediate impressions are that the new VKTR hybrids will be extremely accurate shot-makers that do their best work in the worst lies. 

In the meantime you can find out about Ben Hogan Golf's entire 2016 line-up by checking out Ben Hogan Golfand following them on twitter @BenHoganGolf

And as always, if you have any questions, shoot me an email here, or DM on twitter @PGAPappas.

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