Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Miura Golf Launches New Left Handed Irons and Putter for 2016

Lefties?  It's time to rejoice.  Miura Golf is now offering a new Y Grind, left handed option in two of its most legendary blade and cavity back irons, as well as a left handed putter model for the first time in its history


The popular MB 001 and CB 57 irons now feature leading edge and sole modifications that promise to elevate performance to another level.  And the XM 006 putter will finally show some love for lefty players seeking the very best from a classic design.

Y Grind Irons 
The impact that leading edge and bounce design have on an iron's performance has never been lost on the Miura family.  Master Grinder Yoshitaka Miura created the Y Grind, which made its debut with the Series 1957 Wedges. 

And now Yoshitaka has incorporated the Y Grind into Miura's most popular models, the MB 001, and the CB 57.  And until now, this innovation was not available to left handed golfers. 

Left Handed MB 001 and CB 57 Y Grind Irons 


The Y Grind, most visible on the sole and leading edge, actually encompasses many more subtle changes to the club-head to maintain the overall integrity of the head, including head-weight, density, and overall balance. 

These refinements elevate the Y Grind irons to another level.  More efficient turf interaction is made possible through subtle leading edge and sole modifications, including a more contoured leading edge, and appropriate bounce angles on each specific iron. 


The Miura family commitment to detail is also evident in the Y Grind, specifically at the address position.  Subtle changes to the top-line and toe profile work in concert with the sole grind to deliver a new level of confidence to the golfer. 

These changes include a slightly modified toe profile, a visually pleasing top line, and a subtle shift in club-head weight distribution and balance so the Y Grind player can take dead aim at the target and more easily square up the club-head at impact. 

Left Handed KM 006 Putter 


This Miura "Series 1957" KM 006 design putter goes through the same forging process that makes Miura irons so distinctively proficient in ball-striking consistency and feel. 

With an oiled chrome finish to compliment its soft visual features, the KM 006 features flawless craftsmanship and incomparable beauty in a classic toe-weighted offset putter. 


A rolled top line and a tapered heel is pleasing to the eye, making delivery of the putter square along the putting line easier than ever.  And the milled face is extremely forgiving, producing a strike which transmits the ultimate in feel, distance control, and the purest roll. 


You can find out more about Miura's entire 2016 line-up of clubs by checking out Miura Golfand following them on twitter @MiuraGolf

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