Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Preview: Callaway Golf Introduces New XR OS Irons and Hybrids for 2016

Callaway Golf will have new game-improvement irons and hybrids for golfers in 2016, and they just might be Callaway's best ever. 


The new XR OS irons feature industry-leading Face Cup Technology and wider soles for maximum forgiveness.  While the XR OS Hybrids are designed to perfectly complement the XR OS irons, and provide extreme forgiveness and great ball flight trajectories.

For the XR OS irons, Callaway made their Face Cup even faster, and put it into a wider sole design making them easier to launch and easier to pick up distance for players who want to add ball speed and hit the ball farther. 

XR OS Irons Features and Benefits 
Callaway took their Cup 360 technology and used a multi-piece construction and new heat treatment in the face cup for even more ball speed, with a soft heat treatment on the body for better feel. 

  • Easier To Hit

XR OS Irons are easy to launch with a Center of Gravity that’s lower and further back. It’s easy for you to get a ball flight that leads to more distance. 

  • More Forgiving

The soles are wider to give you more forgiveness, and it’s easier to get more distance out of every impact location. You’ll feel confident over the ball, and you have the technology to hit good shots more consistently. 

  • Progressive Lengths and Lofts

To help golfers hit the ball farther, we’ve included the progressive lengths and lofts through the set for longer distance off each club.  And specifically designed, integrated hybrids to replace irons for even more distance and forgiveness in the long part of the set. 

XR OS Hybrids Features and Benefits 
Designed to perfectly complement the XR OS Irons, the XR OS hybrids give players an extreme amount of forgiveness and great ball flight trajectories. 

  • High Ball Speed & Forgiveness Across The Face 

Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup is built to give you more speed and forgiveness across the face so that you get the most distance out of each shot. 

  • Extreme Forgiveness in a Wider Head Design 

A larger head creates higher MOI for maximum forgiveness, and designed to be higher launching with more draw bias, so it’s easier for you to turn the ball over. 

  • More Versatility 

Versatility to hit good shots from all lies with a keeled utility sole, and designed to be your go-to club for you off the tee, the fairway or out the rough. 

The XR OS irons will retail for $800 in steel, and $900 in graphite, while the hybrids will retail for $220. Combination iron and hybrid sets will retail for $900 in a steel-graphite combinations, and $1,000 in all graphite.  They will all be available January 22nd. 

I'll have tons more for you from the PGA Merchandise Show down in Orlando later this month.  In the meantime you can find out about Callaway's entire 2016 line-up of clubs by checking out Callaway Golfand following them on twitter @Callaway Golf

And as always, if you have any questions, shoot me an email here, or DM on twitter @PGAPappas.

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