Thursday, March 2, 2017

Antigua Sportswear - 2017 PGA Show Spotlight

Antigua's understanding of, and dedication to the unique needs of the golfer is the reason why they've earned their reputation as a leading designer in the industry. 


Each year Antigua collections are the garments of choice for many golfers, with seasonal offerings consisting of core pieces using the finest knits, in fantastic new styles usually centered on a color story. 

But this year there's a signal difference in their newest collection that quite honestly you need to touch, feel, and especially wear to truly appreciate.  Pictures just won't do it justice. 


In the three years I've previewed Antigua at the PGA Show, I've never seen their garments with the diversity of fabrics, weights, styles, and technologies that exist this year.  And it's this synergy that makes their 2017 line the most outstanding I've ever seen. 


Colors are still contemporary and energetic, but there's a clear movement away from intensely flamboyant, trendy colors to more sophisticated shades of primary colors.  Subtle cajuns (red), cabanas (royal), cypresses (green), marmalades (orange), harbors (navy), and pineapples (yellow) all represent this new panache of color. 


I spent some time with Ron McPherson, President and CEO of Antigua, and he showed me a few of the core pieces in the new collection, pointing out some of the particulars that make them so extraordinary. 

Very quickly I should mention, Ron played competitively in high school and college, and even won two amateur state championships.  In the same manner I want golfers designing my golf clubs, I also want golfers designing my golf apparel. And Ron's lifelong passion for the game is indispensable to Antigua's vision and innovation. 


Two of the most dynamic styles that were also my personal favorites are the Arctic Pullover and Vista.  They're extremely versatile pieces that can be worn actively or casually, and compliment Antigua's polos to give you layering options as needed.  Ron himself was wearing the Arctic the day we talked. 


The Arctic Pullover is a fashion-forward, long-sleeve, half-zip pullover that's available in both men's and women's styles.  I'd call it a mid-weight garment.  Two distinct fabrications are used to create the Arctic.  Heathered yarns are double-knit into a quilted diamond pattern on the front.  While a single-knit heathered jersey fabric is used for the arms and back.  This style is already so hot, Ron told me they can't even keep it in inventory. 


The Vista is another exciting design with an element of sophistication to it.  Vista's also a long-sleeve, half-zip pullover, but slightly lighter than the Arctic.  loopback, tonal, twill knit body is complimented by contrasting, double-stitch seams to create an overall look that's tastefully energetic, youthful, and equally classic. 


No discussion of Antigua's new designs can be complete however without also touching on the high-end technical quality of their fabrics, and small touches and attention to detail that runs through the entire collection. 


Basically if it's not right, Antigua won't put it out there.  Antigua's windproof and water-resistant polyester and spandex blend fabrics are constructed to be softer, more functional, and even more wearable than designs created by many other companies using these similar materials. 

The little things matter to Antigua as well, as evidenced by small shoulder straps inside some ladies polos to keep bras in place.  I actually asked a young lady who was in the Antigua booth at the same time I was if these bra straps are a big deal.  She's a golfer at the University of Georgia and she smiled, nodded, and simply told me, "no-brainer, it's a home run." 


Antigua Sportswear is golf apparel as it should be.  Well constructed garments, using high-tech, functional fabrics, and offered in a variety of versatile, distinctive designs.  If you're looking to build a new wardrobe this season, or just revitalize it with a few upgrades, Antigua's new collection falls into the splurge-worthy category.

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