Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Muirfield Village Golf Club: Front-9 Hole By Hole Course Review - 2017 Memorial Tournament

It's name gives a nod to the game's origins, where the Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers composed golf's original 13 rules.  It's design draws inspiration from Augusta National and Bobby Jones. And everywhere you look it has designer Jack Nicklaus' influence all over it. 


It's of course the prestigious Muirfield Village Golf Club.  And I'm taking you inside the ropes during the 2017 Memorial Tournament to walk the course with me for a hole by hole look at every tee shot, every second shot, every approach, every green, and every hazard.  Trust me, you've never seen Muirfield Village like this before. 

I'm not going to describe any of the holes in detail other than what I say below (although I may in the future add more narrative to the pictures).  For now however, I'll let the photos do the talking.  You'll figure out what's what as each hole shows views from the tee box, from the fairway, from around the green, and on the green.  I'm breaking this review into two articles, one each for the Front-9 and Back-9. 


The 7,392 yard, par-72 track is built to suit a player who can hit the long ball and shape shots, but that’s not to say it’s a power course.  Above all else, it’s a placement course rewarding courage and finesse. 

The terrain is dramatic and lush with rolling hillsides, snaking creeks, uneven fairways, and most shots playing downhill.  A vast majority of holes feature doglegs and elevated tees or shots played into a valley. 


Numerous dogwood, beech, and hickory tree lines can thwart the longest hitters, and leave them with no clear shot to the green.  And water actively comes into play on nine holes, usually flanking the fairways and fronting the greens. 

Clusters of strategically placed and challenging bunkers threaten serious trouble off the tee and on approach.  While the greens are fast, small, and many are multi-tiered and set diagonally from the line of play requiring precise distance and location control. 

So are you ready to walk the majestic Muirfield Village with me?  Let's get over to Hole No. 1. 

HOLE 1. 

HOLE 2. 

HOLE 3.  


HOLE 5. 

HOLE 6. 

HOLE 7. 

HOLE 8. 

HOLE 9. 

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