Thursday, August 31, 2017

Cleveland Golf TFi 2135 Satin Putters Preview: Perfecting Your Putting

The importance of putting cannot be overemphasized.  It's arguably the most important skill in your game.  Unfortunately it's often the most frustrating to master, too often leaving us weeping on the greens. 


Cleveland Golf understands putting is what separates the field, and their new TFi 2135 Satin putters promise to take the fright out of the flatstick and put you in a holing putts state of mind. 

New alignment and speed control technologies in the updated TFi 2135 Satin putters push the limits of technology, look, and feel with customized milling patterns, high contrast alignment, and a new tour satin color scheme available in five different head shapes. 


Speed Optimized Milling on the TFi 2135 Satin putters adjusts energy transference so that every putt rolls to the same distance regardless of where it is struck on the face.  Because MOI varies across models, the amount of ball speed correction has been individually customized to each of the five shapes, ensuring every model employs the precise level of speed correction required for consistent distance control. 


Traditional putters come up short when you hit the ball even just a bit toward the heel or toe, so Cleveland lowered ball speed on center strikes and added ball speed on off-center strikes to produce uniform distance no matter where you strike the ball.  The exact magnitude of these changes varies slightly based on the shape and weighting of the putter model, so they've produced a different face for every model within the family to make sure each one provides perfect distance control. 


New Alignment Technology raises sightlines 21.35 millimeters off the ground, the exact radius of a golf ball, to deliver accurate alignment feedback regardless of address position.  The new putters improve upon previous generations of 2135 putters 50- percent higher contrast sightlines that make precise alignment even easier. 

True Feel Innovation is a Polymer TPU face insert that dampens vibrations and enhances feel.   And paired with face milling that’s three times deeper than previous models, the new TFi 2135 Satin putters strike the ball with exceptionally soft feel. 

Key Innovations 

  • High Contrast 2135 Alignment Technology 

A raised sightline to the exact center of the golf ball provides accurate alignment regardless of eye position at address. 

  • True Feel Innovation 

Multi-material construction produces an extremely soft feel. 

  • Speed Optimized Milling 

Provides perfect distance control by adding speed on off-center hits. 

The new TFi 2135 series of putters come in standard models 1.0, Rho, Elevado and Cero, as well as counterbalanced models 8.0 and Elevado CB.  Standard models with mid-sized pistol grips will retail for $149.99, standard models with oversized grips will retail for $159.99, while counterbalanced models will retail for $179.99.  All models will be available September 15, 2017. 

For more information about Cleveland Golf's family of TFi 2135 Satin Putters check them out at, and on twitter @ClevelandGolf and Instagram @ClevelandGolf.

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