Monday, October 29, 2018

FIRST LOOK: Cobra Golf KING F9 Speedback Driver

Some big embargo dates are lifting tomorrow in the equipment world, but today we got a sneak peak of one of the new clubs coming in 2019.  The Cobra KING F9 Speedback driver appeared on the USGA's list of conforming driver heads earlier today, and there's plenty of information there to sort through if you can't wait until tomorrow to learn all about it. 


I've included a picture of the new Speedback driver, as well as similar views of the F8 and F8+ drivers so you can get a better ideal of what's coming, and more particularly, how the F9 Speedback will be different. 

The Cobra F8 was a top-3 performing driver of the season for me, and if you read my review and followed my trips to Shinnecock, Firestone South, and Harbour Town among other courses, you know just how impressed I was with the F8.  If the new F9 winds up also being an improvement on the F8, it's going to be something really special folks. 

Key Differences 
The first thing you notice about the F9 Speedback is that it looks more similar to the F8+ than the F8. There are two weight ports on the sole - one towards the front and another to the back (like the F8+).  The weights are slightly different on the F9 with 2 gram and 14 gram weights instead of 2 and 12. 


But don't despair F8 fans, instead of regular and plus versions, it looks like Cobra is going with just one head, and offering it in two different lofts, 9.0 and 10.5. And that's probably also going to have something to do with the "Ultralight Carbon Wrap."  This is going to influence center of gravity placement and weight distribution even more than was possible with only a carbon fiber "crown." 


The F8+ MYFLY hosel, CNC MILLED face, and 360 AERO technology all return in the F9, but it looks like the new Speedback will also feature a speed tuned face and improved aerodynamics with an emphasis on increasing ball velocity and accuracy. 

Early 2019 driver releases are already blowing the doors off of last generation drivers, and if the Cobra F9 Speedback follows suit, it's going to be a strong contender for new driver of the year. 

For more information about the F9 Speedback driver and Cobra's entire 2019 line-up of equipment, check out and follow them on twitter @cobragolf and on Instagram @cobragolf. As always if you have any questions shoot me an email, or direct message on twitter and Instagram.

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