Sunday, February 3, 2019

Pro Golf Tips from Sergio Garcia - Anger Management (Video from Saudi International)

Pro Golf Tips from Sergio Garcia: Anger Management 


Releasing your anger completely after a bad shot will help clear your mind so you can focus on the next shot. 

Okay, so this isn't really a golf tip from Sergio (at least I hope it's  not), but clearly Garcia went full tilt in the bunker on Friday at the Saudi International.

This was just two days before being disqualified for "serious misconduct" as he damaged up to five greens by slamming his putter into the ground and dragging the soles of his shoes across the greens. 

Sergio's short fuse isn't anything new, he's always been a bit of a hothead.  But is this latest temper tantrum classic El Nino, or are we maybe judging him too harshly?  It's entirely possible Sergio was out there just killing some desert snakes hiding in the sand, right? 

Whatever the reason for Sergio going bananas in the bunker, it seemingly didn't have an effect on playing partner Dustin Johnson.  

Check out DJ in the upper left corner of video in full chill mode.  Johnson just saunters sound the green, and fidgets for a moment indifferently with his back left pant pocket Sergio completely loses his mind.  It was the most perfect contrast of Sergio going full Sergio, and DJ just being DJ.

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