Friday, October 25, 2019

Adidas Golf Tour360 XT Primeknit Shoes Review: King of the Course in Lightweight Comfort and Performance

Knit golf shoes are growing in popularity, but questions naturally arise about their performance in wet weather and stability compared to traditional leather shoes. 


I've played multiple rounds now in the new Adidas Golf Tour 360 XT Primeknit shoes, probably walking a good 25,000 yards in them.  And these are indisputably the best in their class, even rivaling performance in a non-knit golf shoe. 

Obviously one of the big reasons we opt for knit golf shoes is comfort and breathability, and the Tour360 XT Primeknit check off these boxes with unblemished success. 


Adidas BOOST cushioning system gives you the the same mid-sole plush feeling that you find in their leather Tour360 and running shoes, and the spring-like sensation is pretty much perfect.  To be honest, if Adidas tweaks or improves BOOST anymore, I'm going to want to pull up a beach chair, raise my feet in the air, and just enjoy a few drinks watching the sunset rather than play golf.  BOOST is just fantastic comfort. 


The interior of the Tour360 XT Primeknit is equally comfortable with generous padding around the heel that feels like memory foam, and has become almost custom form fitting to my feet. 


Now if you've never worn a pair of knit or sock shoes, it's going to be a different sensation than traditional leather shoes.  You've probably heard knit shoes being described as walking barefoot, or even like wearing two pairs of socks.  


I'd describe the feel of the Tour360 XT Primeknit as something more like compression sleeves for your feet.  The feeling is very snug and very fitting while still remaining extremely comfortable.  And the Primeknit material is stretchable and flexible enough to accommodate wider sizes as well. 


Putting the Tour360 XT Primeknit shoes on for the first time will also feel different than traditional leather shoes.  Because the knit is more pliable, you can press down on the toe or tongue and pretty much push the knit down to the foot bed.  


That's expected given the material and goal of fitted comfort, and something you can't do with a leather shoe.  But fair warning, it's probably going to hurt a bit more if you take a club to whack your spikes clean and miss hitting the side of your foot. 


A question I always get about new products is how do they compare to previous models.  And the Tour360 XT Primeknit aren't just different than last year's Tour360 Knit, they're better. 


Last year's version just didn't breath well enough, which pretty much defeats part of the purpose of a knit golf shoe.  But that's not the case with the Tour360 XT Primeknit, as you can almost feel the air flow through the material.  And if you want to go full sockless commando the breathability is even more satisfying.  


Granted, I didn't wear these in scorching summer days as they were only released early fall.  But on some of the warmer mid-70s days these past few months, they performed well and made me believe these are shoes I can wear the majority of my rounds throughout the year. 


The other improvement of the Tour360 XT Primeknit compared to last year's version is Adidas 8-cleat X-Traxion outsole.  X and V shaped lugs are strategically placed in areas for incredible lateral support and encourage good footwork and forward rotation.  


Hands down, it's the best traction system Adidas has made to date.  Tour360 XT Primeknit haven't slipped for me at all in wet conditions, whether I was swinging faster off the tee, or more controlled around the greens.  These shoes keep you rooted to the ground. 


And speaking of rain, yes these shoes are completely waterproof, not merely water resistant.  While I didn't wear them in a torrential downpour, I did in steady rains and my feet were completely dry.  However, being knit shoes, I don't recommend jumping into mud puddles, as they will be more difficult to wipe down than leather shoes. 


Support was the biggest surprise of all, and a pleasant one at that.  I initially thought with the feel of a running shoe, there's no way these can deliver on stability, but I couldn't have been more wrong. 


The Tour360 XT Primeknit support comes from the stable base and snugger fit in the mid-foot where you can see and feel a tighter more substantial knit (and there's also less stretch in this area).  It's basically like a reboot of Adidas Tour360 Wrap on their leather shoes, but designed for knit shoes.  There's also heat-welded support you can see and feel around the toe and heel to keep your feet from sliding side to side. 


Although you don't feel the sensation of support the way you feel it with traditional leather shoes, the Tour360 XT Primeknit still deliver it in spades.  It's sort of like comparing kevlar to carbon fiber.  Both have approximately the same strength, but the carbon fiber is far stiffer.  It's the same sort of thing.  And these shoes just deliver a softer kind of support than the comparatively more rigid feeling of leather. 


Are the Tour360 XT Primeknit the perfect golf shoes?  Of course not, that conclusion will always include subjective feelings.  But I can tell you without prejudice, these shoes are incredibly comfortable, provide exceptional traction and support, and will probably be the shoes you go to for many of your rounds played throughout the year. 


Snug and more comfortable fit than traditional leather shoes
Incomparable stability for a knit shoe 
Best traction on any Adidas golf shoes 
Completely waterproof  

Different feel might take getting used to
Not as easy to wipe down as leather 
No spikeless version 


As always, if you have any questions about these shoes or anything else, shoot me an email or DM on twitter or Instagram


  1. Thanks for the review. Do you know if they come in wide sizes?

  2. My pleasure, always. No wide sizes but I believe that's intentional since the knit is designed to stretch for all sizes. Ample toe room so wouldn't recommend sizing up as that would then be too much room in the toe.

  3. awesome review!! I sure retweeted on your twitter.

  4. That's for the review Pete! The shoes look very comfortable.

    Cheers Jim

  5. Cpukdnt agree with you more!!! I bought my first pair of knit Adidas Quest Star sneakers... I wore them throughout my vacation and never had a problem. Super comfy and breathable. I can only imagine what the golf shoes feel like on the course. Great write up as always.

  6. Awesome. Thanks for the contest too!!!

  7. I like the look of these . Great review Pete.