Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Congratulations to my August FREE GOLF winners!
Every month this year I've been giving one of my twitter followers a FREE ROUND of GOLF for FOUR to some of the best courses in the United States and Canada. 


The winners and three of his or her friends have played for free (green fees and cart all included) at fantastic courses close to their homes. 

To enter, follow me on twitter @PGAPappas and look for my FREE GOLF Contest tweet.  Then just retweet it and you're automatically entered. 

This month I decided to pick TWO free golf winners. Congratulations @K_Kyriopoulos  and @bbucci0923

Kyriopoulos' foursome chose to tee it up at Lionhead Golf & Country Club , one of Canada's best courses. 


While bbucci0923 and three of his buddies decided to play the beautiful Manakiki golf course in greater Cleveland, Ohio. 


Follow Pete on twitter @PGAPappas

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