Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sam Snead Wilson Golf Driver Up For Auction

It's not uncommon for professional golfers to change equipment every year, sometimes even a few times every year. 

But back in the day, Sam Snead relied on just one driver... for 17 years.


And Snead's historic driver is now up for auction at Heritage Auction House.

From 1936 to 1953 Snead piled up more than 100 worldwide victories, including two Masters, one Open Championship, and two PGA Championships using his beloved persimmon. 


And after leading the U.S. to victory in the 1953 Ryder Cup, Snead finally put the driver out to pasture. 

The driver was made by Wilson Golf, and has the Wilson and Sam Snead names on the head.  It has a plain sole plate, dark brown head with black insert, and an added screw in the neck, with lead weight in the back of the head. 


Snead purchased the driver in 1936 from Henry Picard for $5.25.  And a few years later when Picard wanted to buy the driver back Snead told him, "I wouldn't sell it for a million." 

If you'd like to own what may arguably be the most significant article of golf memorabilia in existence, the opening bid is starting at $250,000, which would make it the most expensive club ever sold. 


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