Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Exclusive First Look: Wilson Staff 2015 DUO & DUO Spin golf balls

Imagine if you will.  A Wilson Staff DUO golf ball.  The World's Softest Golf Ball.  The number one selling distance golf ball in 2014 according to Golf Datatach. 


But now imagine that DUO golf ball... evolving.  A DUO that's even softer.  A DUO that's even longer.  A DUO that delivers the added benefit of more greenside spin.

No, you're not traveling through another dimension into the Twilight Zone of golf ball technology. 

Wilson's new 2015 DUO and DUO Spin golf balls will in fact take you on a journey into the wondrous land of ultimate distance, control, and feel.  The likes of which you may have never experienced before. 


And then your next stop?  How about Pinehurst No. 2? 

Seriously, when was the last time you were excited about your golf ball?  I mean really excited. 

The original 40-compression Wilson DUO was wildly successful.  Eight out of 10 players who tried the DUO last year made the switch for good. 


But Wilson has never been one to rest on its laurels.  And you don't reach the forefront of innovation by standing still. 

So the newly formulated DUO is a 29-compression ball that's 25% softer than the original.  And that translates to supreme feel and maximum distance in a 2-piece golf ball. 

DUO enthusiasts? Get ready to fall in love all over again. 


If there was one knock on the DUO however, it was that some players wanted more spin around the greens.  As a side note, I found it interesting that very few people I spoke with gave up playing the DUO despite the sacrifice of spin. 

But to ensure everyone enjoys the game, Wilson designed the new DUO Spin, a 35-compression, 3-piece ionomer ball. 


The DUO Spin retains the low compression characteristics inherent in the DUO for low spin and powerful distance off the tee. 

But also adds an inner mantle made from a soft DuPont HPF material to increase spin on mid and short iron shots. 

For those players who wanted more spin, the DUO Spin is your best of both worlds. 


Wilson has also categorized the new DUO and DUO Spin balls (along with the already available FG Tour urethane balls) into an F-C-D player profile system. 

Just as Wilson does with their irons to fit personal playing styles, the F-C-D ball fitting system makes it easier for you to discover which ball in their line-up best serves your needs. 


And oh yeah, I almost forgot.  There's still that little thing about playing Pinehurst No. 2.  There are two ways you can win. 

First, on January 24th Wilson is inviting you to attend DUO Nation, a national launch day event at more than 1,500 participating retailers where you can test the new DUO and DUO Spin balls. 


You'll receive a free 2-ball pack just for attending, and have an opportunity to win a Pinehurst golf trip.  The trip includes transportation and food, two nights at the Carolina Hotel, and of course two rounds of golf at Pinehurst No. 2. 

You can also win the Pinehurst trip by checking out Wilson's website and correctly guessing the compression of the new DUO and DUO Spin balls (I sort of made this one easy for you by telling you the compressions earlier). 


If the past few years have taught me anything about Wilson Staff, it's this: while they aren't going to wow you with marketing hype, they will knock your socks off by delivering on their promises. 

And so I'm beyond excited to bring you a full review on the new DUO and DUO Spin sometime after launch. 

In the meantime you can learn more about the new DUO balls, as well as Wilson's entire 2015 line-up of equipment at, and keep up to date with all the latest Wilson Staff news on twitter @WilsonGolf

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  1. I love the old DUO so I will definitely be giving both of these a try

  2. These sound great. I'll be interested to see how they compare to the callaway chrome soft