Friday, March 13, 2015

FootJoy HyperFlex BOA Golf Shoes - Exclusive Hands-On Preview

If I said to you, "let's talk about precision and customization," would you think we're going to talk about our irons?  Our drivers and shafts?  Maybe even our putters? 

Well you might be surprised.  We'd be talking about our golf shoes.  And more specifically, the new FootJoy Hyperflex BOA golf shoes. 


The HyperFlex BOA deliver customizable precision fit, with even closure, no pressure points, and infinite degrees of fine tuning. 

The BOA won't be available until April 15th, but here's an exclusive hands-on preview with a few impressions and pictures.  I'll also have a full on-course review once the season opens for play here in Ohio within a few weeks. 

You've probably already seen the FootJoy HyperFlex and FootJoy HyperFlex BOA on television.  Many players on Tour are wearing both versions, and the regular HyperFlex have garnered widespread applaud since their release last month. 

The HyperFlex BOA feature the same technologies of the regular HyperFlex, including FlexGrid 2.0 and FineTunedFoam 2.0. And I'll go in-depth on all the new technologies in the full review. 


But I absolutely have to mention a few things about the HyperFlex comfort right now.  Because it's truly spectacular. 

The HyperFlex BOA upper material is so soft and flexible, it compares favorably to a sneaker or street shoe.  But the problem with these types of shoes is you inevitably sacrifice some stability for the sake of comfort. 

So FootJoy developed FlexGrid 2.0, an exoskeleton upper that surrounds almost the entire upper shoe.  And that provides you with the best of both worlds. 


Think of a compression sleeve for your arm or knee, it's a similar concept.  The FlexGrid 2.0 will give (or stretch) only as much as a particular person's foot shape dictates. 

And this allows FootJoy to use the soft, flexible material for ideal comfort, but also maintain complete foot support for stability. 

FineTunedFoam 2.0 is also a big part of the comfort story.  I won't go into detail about the lightweight EVA blend cushioning material for now.  But here's an idea of what it feels like. 


Step up on your bed.  Or better yet, throw your bed pillows on the floor. Now do a little march on them.  FootJoy calls FineTunedFoam 2.0 "supercharged cushioning."  I think they're being modest. 

The distinguishing feature of the HyperFlex BOA is of course the BOA closure system.  And I'll admit, at first I was skeptical.  They don't look like your everyday laces, and the idea of winding them instead of tying them didn't exactly inspire confidence. 

But after hitting a few buckets of balls at an indoor range, and even just wearing them around the house, I'm a BOA believer. 


To loosen the laces, simply pull out the knob and they're tension free.  To tighten the laces, push in the knob and rotate until they're snug.  And unlike regular laces, they won't loosen.  Not one bit.  


In combination with FlexGrid 2.0 technology, the closure system essentially creates a fit that makes these shoes feel like they were designed specifically for your individual foot and natural motion. 


Is there such a thing as a perfectly fitting golf shoe?  I'm not sure.  But I do know the HyperFlex BOA might be the best fitting golf shoe I've ever worn. 

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