Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wilson Staff FG Tour TC Gun Blue Wedges: Hands On Preview

Every once in a while you pick up a new club, and almost instantly it just feels amazing.  And sometimes?  It's even better than amazing. 

That was my experience a few months ago at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show when I hit the Wilson Staff FG Tour TC Gun Blue wedges for the first time. 


Soft feel and incredible balance made hitting them a breeze.  But that was just the beginning

The TC wedges also spun like slot machines.  Versatile sole grinds gave me confidence to hit a variety of shots.  And the gun blue finish might be crafted with pheromones because I couldn't stop thinking about how sexy they looked. 


I'll have a full review for you soon, but the more time I spend with the TC wedges, the more they impress me.  Here are a few pictures and quick impressions in the meantime. 

The first thing I noticed about the FG Tour TC wedges is their incredible feel and balance.  They're great for those little touch shots around the green. 


The TC wedges are also very easy to hit.  They're designed for better players, and used on Tour.  But make no mistake, they're wedges everyone can benefit from. 

Two sole options and nine different bounce and loft combinations are available to fit all swing types and turf conditions. 


And finally, spin is a big story.  The Tour-Y grooves are very deep, with 11 microgrooves between each Y-groove to channel even more grass and sand away from the face for better contact. 


The golf season is just underway here in Ohio, but I really like how these wedges perform.  In fact, I might like them a bit too much.  I've already named them my Baby Blues.  And when I pull out my 60*, friends are calling me Flopadoppas. 

You can find out more about the new Wilson Staff FG Tour TC Gun Blue wedges by checking out WilsonGolfand following them on twitter @WilsonGolf

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  1. Great write up Pete. Very insightful. Can't wait to try these beauties out.