Saturday, June 17, 2017

Oakley Launches One Obsession #CantStop - Featuring Bubba Watson

Bubba Watson is a polarizing athlete.  The two-time Masters winner is loved by many for his creativity and the passion he wears on his sleeve.  He's also hated by others for the very same reason.  This week during the U.S. Open Oakley is celebrating Watson's approach to the game with their "One Obsession #CantStop" campaign, a call to action we can all relate to. 


The common bond between a major champion like Bubba and amateur golfers like the rest of is that while we all want to win, and all aspire towards some level of perfection, the journey getting there is what it's all about.  We may all do things differently, we may all have different skill sets, but we share one obsession: to never stop pursuing our dreams, because never stopping is the power that fuels our driving passions and turns them into storied reality. 

Watson is one of many Oakley athletes who personify this lifestyleand in the video below you can see Bubba won't let anyone or anything stand between him and his obsession.  His ball-striking prowess and competitive spirit entertains us, but it's Watson's obsession to always be more that unites us. 


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