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Introducing Featherie - A Revolutionary Golf Apparel Brand for Teen Girls

A significant milestone in the world of golf fashion is happening right now as 14-year-old competitive golfer and entrepreneur Kate Korngold has proudly unveiled Featherie, a groundbreaking golf apparel brand tailored specifically for teen girls.

Fueled by her passion for golf and determination to fill the void in suitable attire for her peer group, Korngold has embarked on an extraordinary journey to redefine style, comfort and sustainability on and off the course.

Korngold was inspired to create the brand after struggling to find suitable golf apparel that matched her style and values. After years of playing in ill-fitting clothes designed for boys and young men, Kate set out to establish a brand to embrace one’s power with designs that reflect her vision for inclusivity, innovation and sustainability.

"I created Featherie because I couldn't find the kind of golf apparel I wanted as a teen girl who loves the game,” said Korngold. “Most options out there were either too traditional or too juvenile and almost always ill-fitting – they didn't cater to the fashion preferences of girls my age. Featherie is my response to that challenge – a brand that celebrates form, function and the values of my generation which includes sustainably sourced fabrics that are UV protective. 

Just as the Featherie golf ball revolutionized the game of golf as the first performance golf ball, Featherie apparel is changing the status quo by enabling girls to feel stylish, confident and comfortable on the course with designs that also enhance performance. Featherie is here to give new and competitive female junior golfers a high-quality line of stylish apparel that is sophisticated, comfortable and functional."

The debut collection from Featherie includes a range of golf apparel, from stylish polos to comfortable bottoms and flexible outerwear, designed to cater to the tastes of young girls who are passionate about golf.

Key products include:


The Lexi Polo: The Lexi is a feminine fitted top with a stylish tulip hem, contrast piping and silver buttons. Constructed with 85% recycled nylon and 15% Spandex. UPF 50+, MSRP $88

The Erin Half Zip Sleeveless Top: The Erin has a feminine fit with a mock neck and high-low front/back cut with a tulip hem and a contrast shoulder. An auto lock zipper keeps the zipper in place. Constructed with 85% recycled nylon and 15% Spandex. UPF 50+,MSRP $84

The Taylor Long Sleeve Half Zip: The Taylor is a refined mock neck top with a curved bottom edge to give a feminine touch. Contrast piping, breathable mesh under the arm, auto lock zipper, and thumbholes for warmth makes this piece beautiful and functional. Sport Interlock (85% Recycled Nylon, 15% Spandex) and Sport Mesh (95% Recycled Nylon, 5% Spandex) UPF 50+. MSRP $98


The Sarah Side Stripe Pant: The Sarah is a stylish, slim fit, mid-waist pant with a built-in tee holder on the back. It’s made with a luxe, high-stretch, water-resistant nylon blend for maximum performance and comfort. UPF 50+. MSRP $119.

The Carli Skort: The Carli is a sophisticated, mid-waist skirt with an integrated performance knit short that has built-in tee holders and pockets for easy storage of a golf ball. The skirt is constructed to be non-transparent and the under short is moisture-wicking. Fabrications are UPF 50+ and comprised of Power Stretch Twill (64% Nylon, 27% Recycled Polyester, 9% Spandex), 360 Degree Stretch Interlock (77% Recycled Nylon, 23% Spandex). UPF 50+. MSRP $119.


The Whitney 2-in-1 Jacket: The Whitney is a multi-functioning, Primaloft-filled jacket with zip off removable sleeves to convert into a classic fitted vest. It provides lightweight warmth, softness and versatility for easy storage. Fabrications include: 360 degree stretch (77% recycled nylon, 23% spandex, 2 way stretch nylon (88% recycled Nylon, 12 % spandex. UPF 50+. MSRP $189.

"Featherie is more than just a clothing brand; it's a movement. I wanted to create something that spoke to the unique style and needs of teen girls in the golf community,” added Korngold. “With the number of female junior golfers rapidly increasing each year, I decided that it was time to shake things up in the golf industry and create a thoughtfully-designed clothing brand that specifically addresses the needs of female junior golfers who do not want to compromise performance or style. The line is designed with sensitivity to things young women care about, from full coverage of undergarments, to tee holders near pockets, tulip edging and performance fabrications. With Featherie, teen girls can express themselves, stay protected and contribute to a sustainable future. Featherie is not just about golf apparel; it's a statement of empowerment for young girls who love the sport.”

Key Featherie Product features:

1. AZO-Free fabrics: Featherie takes a bold stance by using AZO-free fabrics, ensuring that its golf apparel is free from harmful chemicals that can be detrimental to the development of teen girls. This commitment to health and well-being sets Featherie apart, prioritizing the safety of its young customers.

2. UPF50 Protection: Understanding the importance of sun protection on the golf course, Featherie integrates SPF50 technology into its apparel. The clothing not only keeps young golfers looking chic but also shields them from harmful UV rays, promoting a safer and more enjoyable golfing experience.

3. Sustainable: Featherie is dedicated to sustainability, employing eco-friendly practices in its manufacturing processes. From sourcing materials responsibly to reducing waste, the brand is committed to minimizing its environmental impact. Featherie believes in the power of fashion to inspire positive change and is proud to contribute to a more sustainable future.

4. Sizing: available in XS-XL

5. Colors: all Featherie products are available in 4 distinct colors: Navy, Light Blue, Pale Pink and Light White. 

Featherie invites all teen girls who share a passion for golf to explore its debut collection, available online at and in select golf clubs and retailers.

About Featherie

Featherie is a groundbreaking company founded by a 14-year-old girl on a mission to revolutionize golf apparel for teen girls. Fueled by a passion for golf and a desire to bring style to the fairways, Featherie combines functionality with fashion, offering a range of classic, sophisticated and trendsetting apparel for the next generation of female golf enthusiasts. Featherie products will be available at leading golf, country clubs and select retailers. Visit to learn more.

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