Wednesday, May 11, 2016

2016 PGA Merchandise Show DAY 2 RECAP (Part 2 of 5): CRU, Carnoustie, ECCO, and Titleist

We're pressing on with my DAY 2 coverage of the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show: Part 2 (a multi-part series).  And here you'll find mouth-watering new gear from CRU Golf, Carnoustie Sportswear, ECCO Golf, and Titleist. 


Day 2 was probably the busiest day for me, and new contenders for Best of Show were determined to stake their claim.  It's not time to reveal the winners just yet, but my excitement visiting with these companies was palpable.

CRU Golf
What can you expect from a CRU Golf headcover?  Absolute satisfaction.  A thousand times over


CRU headcovers are made in the USA from strong and soft leather that only gets better with time.  Vintage designs have eye-catching personalities.  And the quality is truly impeccable.  Sounds like everything you could ever want in a headcover right? 


Well in 2016 CRU has elevated their legendary headcover game to even greater heights with new designs and colors, and a limited edition Major Series collection that's quite frankly a slice of heaven.  They've even designed a few well-crafted, flattering wallets that are damn hard to argue with. 


You're clearly incapable of leaving well enough alone CRU.  And that's just another reason why golfers love you


Carnoustie Sportswear 
Remember when people actually dressed up to golf?  I mean really dressed up.  Polished and adventurous styles that suggested an innate capacity to enjoy the good things in life? 


Well, Carnoustie Sportswear remembers.  And for more than 20 years they've been designing devilishly handsome links-wear that celebrates the traditions of our game. 


Carnoustie's 2016 line is neatly tailored, conservatively sporty, and seamlessly blends function with style.  Minimalist patters and bold colors fuse old-school cool with a youthful vibe, and give off a bit of attitude for good measure. 


Until recently you could only find Carnoustie at private and better resorts like Pebble Beach and Doral.  But their sophisticated styles are now available to everyone.  And if you're a player who pays serious attention to what you wear, Carnoustie should be a staple in your golf wardrobe


ECCO Golf 
Searching for the perfect golf shoes can be a numbing, even torturous experience.  But I can honestly tell you every pair of ECCO Golf shoes I've ever owned has exceeded all expectations. 


You get uncompromising comfort.  You get uncommon quality.  And with styles that range from contemporary athletic hybrids to time-honored wingtips, you're certain to find a pair, or two... or three... that truly dazzle you. 

New styles in 2016 include the Biom G 2 GTX, Speed Hybrid, and Cage.  And to call them marvelous would be an understatement.  As I left the ECCO Golf booth I had just one thought.  I'm going to need a bigger closet. 


Titleist has a long heritage of designing quality irons that boast impeccable control and feel, and their 2016 offerings only enhance that reputation. 


I hit the 716 AP2s and CBs on Demo Day and there's no denying these were some of the best feeling irons at the Show.  The CBs in particular have a classic old-school look, and despite being cavity back irons, feel more like traditional blades. 


There weren't any new drivers on display, though the 915 D2 was one of my top three favorite drivers from last year.  However a new hybrid, the 816H, is definitely a true iron replacement for the better player.  Very consistent flight, good distance, and lands like a butterfly with sore feet. 


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