Tuesday, May 31, 2016

2016 PGA Merchandise Show DAY 3 RECAP (Part 1 of 3): Callaway Apparel, New Era Ryder Cup Caps, Ralph Lauren Ryder Cup Uniforms, and Bettinardi

Day 3 of the PGA Merchandise Show is a different animal than the first two days.  Crowds are smaller.  Many exhibitors have already decided if the Show was a success or not.  And some reps have even left the Show.  More than a few people are just meandering around with morning cocktails and yucking it up.  And of course there are hunter-gatherers scouring the floor looking for a few more samples or freebies. 


The final day for me however was exactly the same as the first two days.  Drop the clutch, lay rubber, and go full Ricky Bobby to the finish line.  So let's bring this all home with my DAY 3 RECAP: Part 1 (a multi-part series), and wrap it up with my Best of Show.

Callaway Apparel 
Callaway's new apparel collection was definitely one of the shining stars of the Show.  Time-honored classic stripe and athletic looking solid designs have been updated with crisper details and ultra-breathable fabrics.  And a substantial array of color options are sure to please even the most discerning tastes. 


Particularly impressive was the amount of attention given to trims, stitch details, and color accents.  Even subdued colors have a lot of pop.  But above all else, these designs are about ease of movement and breathability.  You could probably run an Ironman triathlon and keep dry in this apparel.  Based on everything I saw, Callaway is doing all kinds of right with their new line


New Era Official 2016 Ryder Cup Caps 
We have a ways to go before the U.S. Ryder Cup team is finalized.  But we do know what the Americans will be wearing.  And New Era has designed the best looking Team USA caps in years.  All business.  Straight fire.  And perfect in every way. 


You'll see four different styles of caps for the four days at Hazeltine.  And only the captains will wear the felt caps.  Team USA will arguably field the greatest collection of American talent in recent memory.  So it's only fitting they also look the part


Ralph Lauren Official 2016 Ryder Cup Uniforms 
Too many U.S. Ryder Cup teams have looked like they got dressed in the dark (eyesores like the 1999 burgundy portrait polos and 2010 purple sleeveless cardigans immediately come to mind).  Thankfully, the 2016 American uniforms will look nothing like those monstrosities. 


Only a few of the Ralph Lauren Team USA Ryder Cup ensembles were on display at the Show.  But the ones I saw made a convincing statement.  Strong and purposeful, with just the right amount of red, white, and blue flair.  The Stars and Stripes have never looked so good


Bettinardi Golf 
Bettinardi's BB and Studio Select Series putters are the kind of putters you'd buy just because of how they look.  There's a seductiveness about their crisp edges, magnificent finishes, and elegant face milling that gives you that "I just gotta have it" feeling


I hit the BB1 and Studio Stock 2 on Demo Day and their balance was flawless, almost like they swing themselves.  Now granted it was just one putting green, but every ball I hit acted like it knew where it was supposed to go.  An undeniably pure roll.  I'd put either one in my bag in a heartbeat


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