Friday, December 9, 2016

PGAPappas Holiday Golf Gift Guide - 2016 Gear of the Year

Stuck on holiday gift ideas for that golf obsessed friend or family member?  No need for guesswork or to stress out this year. 

I’ve hand-picked, and play-tested every item in this guide.  And not coincidentally, everything here has also earned a spot in my “Gear of the Year” for 2016. 


These no fail gift ideas will delight everyone on your list.  And are sure to put huge smiles on their faces this holiday season and on the golf course throughout the New Year.

Wilson DUO Urethane Golf Balls 
The Wilson DUO Urethane was my ball of choice this year.  Designed to improve performance on every shot from tee to green, it checks off all the boxes.  Outstanding distance from the tee.  Exceptional control and greenside spin.  Soft, almost balata like feel.  And incredibly durable.  It’s truly a ball that does it all. 


Wilson’s garnered its fair share of acclaim for their low compression DUO and DUO Spin balls the past few years.  I still use the DUO Spin in colder weather.  But the new DUO Urethane produces the most consistent ball flight overall.  And as far as premium balls go, it gives just about any ball on the market a legitimate run for its money.  Wilson Staff. 

TaylorMade Limited Red Spider Putter 
A little bit classy, a little bit flashy, and a whole lot of raising hell.  The TaylorMade Limited Red Spider is a gunslinger’s putter, for those of you who have no fear to pull the trigger from anywhere on the green.  I love the sound, feel, and how easy it is to control distances. 


The Limited Red Spider is Jason Day inspired (and also comes in an all-black version like Dustin Johnson uses).  It’s extremely stable and balanced through the putting stroke, and delivers some of the truest rolling putts you’ll ever hit.  I’m not saying you’ll be draining outrageous 70-foot putts with it like Day did this season.  But then again?  TaylorMade Golf. 

Miura CB-501 Irons 
Looking for something extra luxe, and worth every penny?  The Miura CB-501 irons are for golfers who demand impeccable craftsmanship, and unrivaled performance to match. 


With a clean, classic look at address, and buttery smooth feel at impact, the CB-501s are designed for advanced level shot making, with an extra dose of forgiveness to boot.  You’ll truly be hard pressed to find irons that link your good drives and makeable putts better than these gems.  By any standard, Miura handcrafts some of the finest forged irons I’ve ever seen.  Miura Golf. 

Wilson Golf FG Tour F5 Irons 
Wilson’s FG Tour F5 irons are the kind of irons you fall in love with when you first hit them, and then actually become addictive the more you play them.  They’re long.  They’re forgiving.  And they feel so great I swear you get a contact buzz from those flushed shots (which you’ll have more of thanks to an enhanced sweet spot). 


They deliver Tour like performance even when you’re not hitting like a Tour player, which makes them suitable even for higher handicaps looking to make that jump to single digits.  But what I love most about them is how they’ve unequivocally improved the quality of my good shots.  Extremely accurate irons and easily one of the best sets Wilson’s ever made.  Wilson Staff. 

Fujikura Shafts 
This season I played the Evolution II in a TaylorMade M1 driver, the Speeder Pro XLR8 in a Cobra KING F6 driver, and the Pro XLR8 in a Nike Vapor Fly Pro driver.  And I experienced significantly greater distances and tighter dispersions with the Fujikura shafts compared to the stock shafts. 


The cutting-edge technologies Fujikura incorporates into these shafts are sophisticated, elaborate, and even complicated to be honest.  But I think I can summarize them all in four words.  “Just big hits baby.” 

If you’re a distance glutton or better player with an appetite for extraordinary power and stability, check out the Evolution II.  Smooth swingers will benefit from the improved distance and consistency of the Speeder Pro XLR8.  And for players looking to maximize launch angle and peak trajectory, the Pro XLR8 has what you crave. 

The wheel.  Electricity.  Sliced bread.  And now these Fujikura shafts.  It’s the dawn of a brave new world for your golf game.  Fujikura Golf. 

Wilson FG Tour F5 Driver 
One of the absolute best feelings in golf is standing in the tee box, getting ready to hit, and knowing your driver is going to reward an aggressive swing.  And I’ve hit so many bombs this season with the Wilson FG Tour F5 driver that my friends start howling “Big Willie!” when I pull it from the bag. 


Low spin, high launch, easy to hit, with tons of carry.  I can nearly swing out of my shoes with the F5 and know it’s going long (and I mean really long) and straight.  Just don’t be surprised when players in your group start asking to use your F5 instead of their own driver.  Wilson Staff. 

Nike Vapor Fly Pro Driver 
Yes Nike’s not making golf clubs anymore.  And yes it probably won’t be easy to find the Vapor Fly Pro driver (think smaller retail stores and pro shops).  But if you don’t want to drop a ton of money on a new big stick, the Vapor Fly Pro gives you the most bang for your buck. 


Adjustable from 8.5* to 12.5*, it’s a low launching, low spinning driver that produces flat, penetrating trajectories.  The Vapor Fly Pro favors moderate to faster swing speeds.  But those of you who want to bring down ball flight or even get more roll would also benefit.  And you can always say this is the last driver Nike ever made, and the one Rory used to win the Irish Open and FedExCup.  Which is pretty cool.  Nike Golf. 

CRU Golf Headcovers 
When you have CRU Golf vintage inspired leather headcovers on your clubs, the course becomes a mere backdrop.  There’s something spirited about them.  They look like headcovers used by men of character who built golf courses, stymied sandbaggers, and just played for the love of the game. 


But to merely call these headcovers doesn’t do them justice.  They’re more like treasures you’ll find joy in discovering and re-discovering each time you play.  CRU’s designs are timeless, and alive with personality.  And honestly, you might even decide your ideal set makeup starts with these first, and clubs later.  CRU Golf. 

Sunice Layers 
I can’t say enough good things about the Sunice Allendale layers.  They’re lightweight, stretch thermal zip pullovers that keep you looking good in all seasons. 


And four-needle, flat-lock stitching, with double-knit fabrics also means you’re getting the highest quality with performance that’s never compromised.  In terms of apparel, there’s really no higher honor.  Your only dilemma might be deciding if you should get one in every color.  Sunice Golf. 

Wishing all of you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays and New Year.  And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email here, or direct message on twitter @PGAPappas or Instagram @PGAPappas.


  1. @jonnythec here, I have heard nothing but good things about these Wilson irons. All the forums I belong to people are talking about them. Almost makes me want to put the mizunos down and give em a try.

  2. I've been singing their praise since January Jonny. Shared a few pics, videos, and stories about them on twitter and instagram. Basically torture tested them this season on all types of courses in all types of weather. Personification of world class irons.

  3. Great write up Pete. I love the red spider putter. It looks so kool. Everything I've read about the Wilson iron and woods have been 👍. Keep up the good work!


    1. Glad you like it Ken. The red Spider is extremely cool looking yes, and Wilson's F5 irons were the best new irons of 2016 in their class (in my opinion).