Tuesday, February 14, 2017

2017 PGA Merchandise Show - Demo Day Recap (Part 4): Game Golf, Oban Shafts, Epon Golf, Honma Golf, Cleveland Golf, and Srixon Golf

I've been to Demo Day and the PGA Merchandise Show three consecutive years now.  And each year I've been more energized and intrigued than the previous year. 


But this year had something more.  This year I saw new products and new innovations that basically came right out and knocked me over the head. 

It's a golden age in golf equipment right now.  And in this section we'll take a peek at new products from Game Golf, Oban Shafts, Epon Golf, Honma Golf, Cleveland Golf, and Srixon Golf.

Game Golf
If you love analyzing your game, Game Golf gives you a nearly legendary experience.  Featuring real-time GPS shot tracking, strokes-gained analysis, and precise distances to greens, landing zones, and hazards, it even lets you compare stats and compete with friends and PGA Tour pros. 

Oban Shafts 
Oban uses high modulus along the length of their Kiyoshi shafts for increased stability at impact, and are being used more and more by Tour players. 

Epon Golf 
Epon is replacing their AF-153 drivers with a new AF-155 and AF-155i.  The 504D is for slower swingers who benefit from increased launch and spin. 

Some of the best feeling shots I hit at Demo Day were with the new Epon AF 705 and AF Tour irons.  Made by Endo in Japan, these irons just scream butter at impact.  The 705 are cavity back irons and extremely forgiving for their size.  And the Tour irons were as outstanding as any blade I hit all day.  Epon thoroughly impressed me with these irons and made me want to spend more time with them. 

Honma Golf 
No one's ever going to dispute that Honma Golf makes some seriously beautiful clubs.  But made with pricier materials like platinum and 24-karat gold, it's going to cost you.  The new Tour World TW 737 irons come in four different versions. 

Cleveland Golf 
The genius of Cleveland's new RTX-3 wedges isn't merely about spin (although the ridiculous spin and stopping power could be a story all by itself).  It's also about options.  You have to work really, really hard to miss with these. 

The different head shapes, styles, and grinds let you execute any given shot from any lie imaginable.  And the feel and balance are outstanding.  Extremely high grades for the RTX-3s. 

Srixon Golf 
Hitting Srixon's new Z series forged irons is where Demo Day hit a reset for me.  They grabbed my full attention, and I didn't want to stop hitting them. 

The Z-565 cavity backs produced powerful towering ball flights, the Z-765 muscle cavity (my favorites) delivered an old-school forged feel with tons of forgiveness, and the Z-965 blades were very easy to control with great responsiveness off the face.  These three irons will appeal to a wide audience of golfers. 

Srixon's new Z-565 driver gets the ball up in the air and down the fairway fast, and it's so straight it's almost self-correcting. This one might be a savior for players who have trouble launching the ball. 

The Z-765 driver is more penetrating, like a bullet fired from a barrel.  Very stable feeling with tons of carry.  Better players will be able to hit any shot they want with this club

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