Friday, February 17, 2017

2017 PGA Merchandise Show - Day 1 Recap (Part 4): CRU Golf, Travis Mathew, OGIO, Bushnell Golf, Golf Pride, ECCO Golf, and Miura Golf

Ask anyone who's ever been to a PGA Show, and they'll all tell you there's a point each day where they inevitably start to run out of gas.  It was late afternoon  now, I'd already seen an abundance of new products, and that downward spiral into daydreams of a marvelously comfortable bed back at the hotel seemed inevitable. 


Then I checked out CRU Golf, Travis Mathew, OGIO, Bushnell Golf, Golf Pride, ECCO Golf, and Miura Golf.  And it seriously felt like a high-dose adrenaline infusion. 

I'm giving it to you straight.  The gear in this section entirely and unconditionally pumped me up. 

CRU Golf 
In many ways CRU Golf's 2017 Major Collection headcovers reflect the entire essence of the company.  CRU continuously strives to get better without compromising what they already do well. 

Exacting designs, colors, and details make these newest headcovers uniquely memorable to each individual major.  And CRU always uses the finest leathers in all their headcovers.  If you have a custom idea or design you'd like made?  You can almost bank on CRU making it exemplary


Travis Mathew 
With each new Travis Mathew polo, pullover, and pair of pants I saw, my compulsion for them grew stronger.  There's an attitude to their line that blends time-honored patterns and colors with contemporary flair, and conveys that unspoken look that says you know your liquor as much as you know your golf. 

Strong in appearance with an appreciable feel of quality, by any standard this was one of the best lines I saw at the Show.  And the party vibe behind the curtains packed a punch as well. 

We all know OGIO makes some of the finest golf bags in the industry.  But their new Black Ops limited edition bags might be one of their finest bags ever.  The murdered-out, patriotic design is straight fire.  And score one for the good guys, proceeds from the sales of these Black Ops bags benefit our veterans.  Highest possible salute here. 

Bushnell Golf 
Bushnell has taken the accuracy of laser rangefinders to another level.  Literally.  The new Pro X2 and Tour V4 both feature "Slope Switch" technology, which takes into account slopes around the course for even more exact yardages.  Jolt technology provides quick vibrating bursts when the target is locked on. 

Both the X2 (range 5-1, 1300 yards; 450+ yards to flag) and V4 ( range 5-1, 1,000 yards; 400+ yards to flag) boast improved range and accuracy, with the V4 accurate to one yard and the X2 accurate to one-half yard. 

Even if you're not a serious player who can benefit from the ridiculous accuracy of these models, all golfers can definitely benefit from practicing with either. 

Golf Pride 
Ben Hogan once said "good golf begins with a good grip," and Golf Pride is taking that further by also emphasizing consistency.  The new Align grips are designed with a raised ridge (or a reminder) down the back of the grip, micro-ridge textures on the bottom, and carved channels around that texture for repeatable hand placement and assistance in keeping the hands locked in place.  Theoretically this extra feel should also help you square the clubface. 

There's an adage in golf that says "the less you think about your shoes, the better."  But two of ECCO Golf's newest shoes, the CAGE PRO and Cool might actually make you think more about your shoes, specifically, how insanely stable and comfortable they are. 

THE CAGE PRO features a new spikeless outsole with "SPYDER-GRIP" for optimal traction at the natural pivot points of your feet.  While the spiked Cool shoe features a direct injection midsole grid for breathability, airflow, and comfort. 

Golf shoe designs are constantly changing.  But ECCO's  new shoes aren't just different for the sake of being new.  They're different so that every step you take on the course is better. 

Miura Golf
Anyone who's ever hit a Miura forged iron will attest to the legendary feel that many say is impossible to replicate.  The problem is, too many recreational players still need more help in their irons than the previous lines of Miura irons provided.  That is until now. 

Miura has designed the Passing Point Neo Genesis (PP 9005 G) for golfers of all skill levels.  Same Miura craftsmanship, but with the largest sweetspot of any Miura forged iron, and a 455 carpenter steel face for the fastest ball speeds. 

And if that doesn't whet your whistle, check out the 2017 limited edition major wedges coming soon. 

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