Friday, February 17, 2017

2017 PGA Merchandise Show - Day 1 Recap (Part 3): Green Label, Stitch Golf, Golf Knickers, Pukka, Loudmouth Golf, Biion Footwear, and Bespoke Golf

More apparel, more shoes, and a first jump into the accessory category in this section with looks at Green Label, Stitch Golf, Golf Knickers, Pukka, Loudmouth, Biion Footwear, and Bespoke Golf. 


I'm also going to start throwing in some unsystematic but still interesting pics of things that caught my eye at the end of these recaps.  It's really amazing how much there is at the Show. 

Still a long way to go with all the recaps, and of course the final wrap up and Best of Show.  Better keep moving. 

Green Label 
Green Label apparel offers up the perfect mix of time honored style and modern flair

Stitch Golf 
Some fun headcovers from Stitch Golf. 

Golf Knickers 
If you're all about the knickers, Golf Knickers has you covered with just about any style you could ever imagine. 

New lids from Pukka. 

Loudmouth Golf 
John Daly: "My desires are... unconventional." 
Loudmouth fans: "Show me." 

Biion Footwear 
Biion Footwear is an avant-garde golf shoe company that puts non-traditional styles into traditional designs.  Definitely a rare species of saddles, wingtips, and colors

Bespoke Golf 
If you're looking to add a bit of style and color to your bag, Bespoke Golf is a one stop shop for a variety of ball markers, divot tools, towels, headcovers, and more

Mixed Bag of Miscellany 
Some assorted looks of other merchant wares


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