Thursday, June 1, 2017

Muirfield Village Golf Club: Back-9 Hole By Hole Course Review - 2017 Memorial Tournament

We're continuing on with the Muirfield Village Golf Club picture tour with a hole by hole look at the Back-9 now. 


As you probably know from my Front-9 section, we'll be looking at all views on the course from the tee box, fairway, around the green, and on the green for each hole. 

It's hard to choose any particular hole that's my favorite, but I can tell you Jack definitely designed the Back-9 with an eye towards avoiding carnage and finishing strong.  So let's make the turn and head to the clubhouse. 

HOLE 10. 


HOLE 11. 


HOLE 12. 

HOLE 13. 

HOLE 14. 

HOLE 15. 

HOLE 16. 

HOLE 17. 

Hole 18. 

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