Monday, December 25, 2017

EDEL Golf Torque Balanced Putter Review - PGAPappas 12 Days of Christmas DAY 12 Giveaway

Nothing causes more stress for a golfer than putting, and so each new year we see companies lay out different putter models, sizes, weights, toe-balanced versions, face-balanced versions, and everything in between to be our saviors. 


In one way, shape, or form, they all promise their putters have great feel, fantastic spin, and superior control.  Most of the time however, you just have to file these promises under complete and utter bullcrap.  That is, unless the promises come from a company like EDEL Golf. 

Known for thinking outside the box in custom equipment design, EDEL's ideas are sometimes counterintuitive, but there's no arguing with their results. The Torque Balanced line of putters is a perfect example. 


EDEL's Torque Balanced putters reduce the effect of torque throughout your swing, and that essentially frees up your stroke to naturally release the putter face at impact.  It sounds simple, but the outcome is profound.  With a Torque Balanced putter, you're not just getting a better putter.  You're also getting a better version of yourself. 

Torque is your enemy on the greens because of the many inconsistencies it causes.  It changes how you rotate the clubhead back and forth, it can open or close the face too much or too little, and it can even change your grip pressure anywhere in the swing. 


These Torque Balanced putters don't sway or lurch through the transition because of their toe-up balance point and engineering.  When you balance the Torque Balanced putter shaft on your finger, the putter head points straight up to the heavens.  This minimizes twisting and delivers a demonstrably square and consistent impact into the ball. 

By comparison, the popular Anser style putters have a toe-down balance point which tend to stay open through impact.  While face-balanced putters have a sideways, 3 o'clock balance point and tend to close too much at impact.  With both putters you're getting unwanted fluctuation and imprecision in face rotation.  If you're not blessed with extraordinary hand-eye coordination and impeccable timing, inconsistency will be a relentless thorn in your side. 


EDEL creates the toe-up balance by taking a solid billet of 304 stainless steel, hollowing out the toe and back areas of the sole, and then drilling holes in the back of the head for additional stability.  This positions most of the putter's mass directly behind the face and in the heel area, making it a precision putting instrument unlike any you've ever experienced. 

The overall headweight checks in at a stout 345 grams, and EDEL offers an optional kit with removable weights (ranging from 6 grams to 21 grams) to place in the heel port if you'd like to customize overall feel.  If you're partial to a lighter putter, you can have that.  If you're sweet on something heavier, EDEL can make that happen as well


Pixl Insert technology is another key ingredient in EDEL's Torque Balanced putters, and contributes to the luscious feeling of being completely connected to your putter throughout the stroke.  Ninety-three individually placed pixels deliver a uniform and consistent roll anywhere on the insert, and quite honestly the sensation is unmatched. 


I should mention briefly, EDEL's custom fitting is an absolute must if you have access to a certified EDEL fitter.  Earlier this year I flew down to EDEL headquarters in Texas, and my fitting for the Torque Balanced E-1 was incredibly comprehensive.  I'm writing an all-encompassing article about their system, and will share the details about my fitting later next month. 

For now however, I'll just say EDEL will customize and fine-tune your Torque Balanced putter for aim, shape, weight, and just about every possible variable in a manner that uniquely fits your eye and feel, and ultimately enhances your performance even more. 


Think about EDEL's Torque Balanced putter this way.  Do you want a putter that commands your stroke?  Or do you want your stroke commanding the putter?  That's pretty much what makes these putters so unique - and effective.  Complete control in your hands, no matter your stroke, no matter your preference.  And when that four-and-one-quarter inch cup on the green looks like a small jacuzzi, you're going to sink a lot of putts.

Unmatched consistency and accuracy
Exceptional lag putting performance 
Most comprehensive putter fitting system you'll ever find 

Weight kit isn't included (but this is just being picky) 


A few final notes: this review was based on my own Torque Balanced E-1 mallet putter.  The model I'm giving away is an E-3 blade style.  They're different head shapes yes, but they deliver the same awe-inspiring performance. 

I hope everyone had fun with this year's holiday giveaway.  It's been a genuine blast to see everyone so excited.  Like with the previous day's giveaways, you can win by retweeting my giveaway announcement and following all on twitter, liking and following all on Instagram, and commenting in the section below here on my blog. 

I'll announce the winner tomorrow evening.  Then it's time to prepare for the PGA Merchandise Show next month in Orlando, and non-stop coverage and opinion on all the new gear coming out in 2018.  I might even have a few more giveaways and surprises in store.  You never know, so stay tuned! 

Wishing all of you the absolute best during this holiday season and into the New Year! 



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