Thursday, December 20, 2018

Mitsubishi Diamana DF Shaft Review - PGAPappas 12 Days of Christmas Golf Giveaway

If you followed the PGA and European Tours this year you'll know that Mitsubishi golf shafts had a dominating season.  Mitsubishi won total driver counts, total shaft counts, first place finishes, and second place finishes week-in and week-out. 


It wasn't uncommon to see entire leaderboards filled with Mitsubishi shafts, and at some events almost half the field was playing one.  That's not just dominating, that's ridiculously dominating.  One of these Mitsubishi juggernauts was always a Diamana shaft, and the DF-Series might be the most deadly. 

Mitsubishi's Diamana line is now in its fourth generation, and the DF-Series is a mid-low ball flight shaft with low spin, and produces shots with piercing trajectories.  Shots start off low and just keep rising like fighter jets taking off at scorching speeds. 


Tiger Woods made the Whiteboard profile legendary when he played it in his driver a handful of years back.  But don't assume you need blistering swing speeds to benefit from the DF.  Even moderate speeds in the 80-90 mph range will see stronger ball flights and tighter dispersion. 


The DF is designed for Total Driving.  And by that of course I mean combined distance and accuracy.  There are other shafts better suited to give you the greatest distance on perfect strikes, but the DF's stability makes it one of the most accurate shafts on the market.  That is provided you fit the DF swing profile - which is a moderate-to-fast tempo with a mid-to-late release. 


I put the DF in my Callaway Rogue Sub Zero driver, and the best way I can describe the DF ball flight, performance, and feel is to set you up with an example.  Imagine a long hole you've played (par-4 or par-5 doesn't matter), and it's a pretty severe dogleg-left hole.  The DF is the kind of shaft that's going to reward you for swinging as hard and as fast as you can. 

Your typical ball flight with the DF will be a high-boring fade.  If you're skilled enough you can still work the ball both ways, but the DF is pretty close to being as anti-left as it gets.  This shaft is all about stability and tight dispersion.  You're not going to have many crazy misses with the DF. 


Like the previous generations of whiteboard shafts, the DF is low spinning, but higher launching than what we've seen in the past (and that's usually something most of us can use).  This also gives you the opportunity to play with lower loft settings on your driver (which is fun if you're always looking to tinker). 

The DF feel is very linear and one-piece, which is not surprising given its stability.  It's not as soft in the handle as previous whiteboard profiles, and it's not a shaft you're going to feel much kick with.  However that's not to say it feels boardy or like a telephone pole.  In fact, because it's a mid-torque shaft I'd go so far as describing the DF feel as smooth and crisp through impact. 


For comparison sake with other shafts I've played, the DF launches higher than the Aldila Synergy, spins less than the EvenFlow, feels smoother than the HZRDUS Black, and rolls out a bit more than all of them.  It's also the straightest of the bunch.  If accuracy is your itch, the DF is pretty much your scratch. 

And a quick final word about the graphics.  Yes, I know this is a subjective area, but Mitsubishi freaking killed it here.  The dark metallic chrome gloss thing is absolutely wicked.  I could write a small novel on how bad-ass it looks, but this review has already gone on longer than I intended.  Suffice to say - well done all around Mitsubishi! 


World-class, smooth, and stable feel 
Sneaky long and extremely consistent
Straight and reliable flight 

Might not get along well with smooth tempo players


  1. I need some low spin anti-left in my life! Would pair well with my new TEE EXS driver.

  2. This shaft sounds awesome. My swing speed is moderate at best so I can't help but to wonder how it would work for me.

  3. You can talk to a fade but a hook will never listen. So if you recognize that iconic oval you know the Diamana DF will keep you in the happy grass.

  4. sounds like a brilliant shaft and love the look

  5. Awesome giveaway. Someone’s game is going to instantly improve with these shafts. Never had to pleasure of trying them myself but like you said seems about all the top players use them. Just incredible.

  6. I think the Mitsubishi Diamana is definitely going on my wishlist!

  7. Thanks for the chance Pete. This sounds like a game changer for people like me who have a hard time finding the fairway.

  8. The shaft sounds awesome. Anti left is usually a good thing in my swing! #ReleasetheKringle

  9. 'Anti-left' 'tight dispersion' this shaft sounds sweet! Cheers Pete!

  10. I need help with my driving and this shaft might be the answer

  11. Man these shafts look amazing!!

  12. Just what doctor snaphook ordered.

  13. Merry Christmas #ReleaseTheKringle

  14. Who doesn’t need more accuracy and consistency in their driver? Count me all in on this one!

  15. I've got a Diamana shaft in an old Titleist 909 D2 driver.
    It's not Diamana factory aftermarket, as it is one of those "made exclusively for Titleist" type of shafts.
    Still, it performs well, so maybe this shaft would improve a nice Cobra driver in which the shaft just doesn't feel right to me.
    Twitter handle @DocJGolfer

  16. Congrats @Just_Hacking John Sweat you won the DAY 7 New @mcagolfshafts Diamana DF Shaft in my PGAPappas 12 Days of Christmas Golf Giveaway w/ entries on twitter, Instagram & my blog. DM/email for details!