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2016 PGA Merchandise Show DAY 2 RECAP (Part 1 of 5): Piretti, Fujikura, Sunice, and Antigua

I had more than a half-dozen interviews on Day 2 of the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show, and all of them were in different parts of the Convention Center.  Remember O.J. Simpson in the Hertz airport commercials?  That was pretty much me negotiating the PGA floor.  Leaping, sprinting, diving all over one-million square feet of exhibits.  If you're familiar with the Oklahoma Drill, there were moments like that as well. 


The focus of this DAY 2 RECAP: Part 1 (a multi-part series) moves towards a mix of apparel and accessories, along with more equipment coverage.  And on the fashion front you'll see tons of stylish new designs, ranging from distinguished and classic, to brash and athletic. 

Bottom line?  Golf styles have never been better.  And I'll let you know which lines earned my highest acclaim in the Best of Show Recap.

Piretti Fine Putters 
Hitting a Piretti putter is nearly a religious experience.  The craftsmanship is mesmerizing.  The feel is divine.  And the roll is enlightening


Piretti's genius in putter design isn't just about impeccable balance and weighting.  It's also about lower lofts for a more immediate and smoother roll that hugs greens like a finely-tuned sports car. 

And in 2016 you'll find luscious new finishes (including a hot black onyx) and stampings that are truly temples unto themselves.  I can tell you firsthand, owning a Piretti means you never have to doubt your putter again.  Here are a few of my favorites. 


Fujikura Golf 
The 2016 XLR8 and Speeder Evolution II shafts aren't just great new shafts from Fujikura.  They'll sing to you. 


I spent serious time hitting them all, the XLR8 Pro, XLR8 Speeder Pro, XLR8 SIX, and Speeder Evo II on Demo Day, and absolutely pounded them.  First few swings with the Evo II?  Instant inspiration.  You can expect a review from me soon on a few of my favorites. 

The designs and colors are aesthetically invigorating to be sure.  But these new shafts won the talent portion of the beauty contest at Demo Day as well.  Off the charts distance and control.  If these came with an instruction manual, it would simply state, "I want you to hit me as hard as you can." 

Sunice Golf 
The game of golf might be a lifelong journey of trial and error.  But thanks to Sunice Golf, finding stylish, comfortable, and dependable golf attire is a sure thing.  And good news for you lady golfers.  Sunice's women's collection is just as extensive as the men's. 


In 2015 more PGA Tour players wore Sunice outerwear than any other brand.  And this was by choice, not endorsement.  Across all weather conditions, Sunice's new line features some of the most cutting edge fabrics, ergonomic designs, and golfer specific features on the market today.  If you're big on golf fashion, this is the kind of line that will set your soul on fire. 


One of my favorite new pieces was the Allendale pullover.  It's thermal.  It's supple.  It's double knitted (which basically means two layers of material are interwoven with each side feeling as good as the other).  And with both breathable and wickable attributes, it can be worn for all seasons as an outer layer (shown in white below) or inner layer (shown with blue FlexVent below).  It's seriously the closest thing to the perfect golf pullover that I've ever seen (and yes, I own one)


Antigua Golf 
The differences between great and near great golf apparel is always in the details.  And the new 2016 Antigua Golf line is crafted with absolutely meticulous attention to detail. 


Fabric innovation took center stage this year, with core pieces featuring refined stretch, and lighter materials that also wick faster.  But what really grabbed me was how gorgeously crafted the entire line is.  Antigua went all-in. 


You'll find solid, contrasting, and trimmed collars.  Heather, striped, and plaid styles.  And if you look closely, you'll actually see subtle designs inside the principal designs (like the understated and clever diamond pattern inside the leading plaid pattern of the Paradise shorts). 


Antigua's new line is imaginative, adventurous, and fashioned with exceptional quality and youthful attitude.  And I'll tell you right now what I told the Antigua reps at the Show, "this is far and away the most impressive line Antigua has ever designed." 


And be sure to check out my Demo Day coverage, a four-part series: 2016 PGA Merchandise Show - Demo Day Quick Recap

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